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Christmas Greeting Cards - Give a Christmas Card this Xmas

Updated on October 26, 2011

Anyone up for giving away Christmas greeting cards this yuletide season?  I know with the advent of technology and the internet, it seems so much easier now to send a text message on Christmas day.   Or send an email or online Christmas greeting card.  It really saves time and money that's for sure.  But I kind of miss receiving a mail and a Christmas card hand delivered by the postman. 

If you feel like me, well, let's follow our heart and start buying those cute little Christmas cards in our bookstores or here online. I've decided to continue the tradition and give Christmas cards away on this season of joy.  You may want to change your mind and join me. 

Let's do some Christmas card shopping!

Christmas Cards Have Lovely Poems

One of the more beautiful reasons why I love Christmas cards is the lovely poems written on them. I'd like to share this poem right here. I've kept the Christmas card all these years as I treasure the love shared by a friend.


The meanings of Christmas are many...

How brightly they blend,

touching our lives with incomparable beauty,

our world with the essence of wonder.

Listen for the joy

that laughs and sings

its way around our homes.

Hear heaven in each hymn,

comfort in each carol,

care in every warming word of cheer.

Look to the faith

that shines like a newborn star,

filling the soul with hope and inspiration.

Feel the love that holds friends and

families close in spirit, whether around

a festive table or across the

miles and years.

Share the peace and the promise,

the heart and the harmony of this

most marvelous of seasons.

By: Ed Cunningham

Different Christmas Greeting Cards Choices

It can never get boring.  You see you can always choose from among the following:

  • Personalized Christmas Cards - you know this is where you can create your own card, put in your choice of design, choose what words you want written on the card.  Creative people love creating their personalized Christmas cards.
  • Religious Christmas Cards- Jesus is the reason of the season for thousands of Christians all over the world.  If you are a Jesus believer, you would want to highlight him and how his love changed your life.  This is the perfect choice, wouldn't you think so?
  • Funny Christmas Cards - If you want something that is light and humorous and cute, then choose any one of the funny Christmas cards.  We all need a healthy dose of laughter and knowing that your loved one is smiling all across the miles is just something so wonderful.

There are more.  Read Dayzeebee's hub - Christmas Cards Galore. 

Hate Buying? Then Make Your Own

You can really create your own unique Christmas cards. Your kids can make it for grandpa or grandma or their favorite cousin or auntie. Don't know how to go about it? Check this wonderful hub tips by fellow hubbers!

Make Your Own Christmas Cards by Earner

A New Holiday Tradition: Make Your Own Christmas Cards by mgwhite

How to Make Christmas Cards Online with Zazzle by SweetiePie

Enjoy buying, designing or creating your very own Christmas greeting cards. I know I will love all the cards that I am going to get this Christmas. Will you send me one? Hohohoho

May the meaning of Christmas

enrich your life...

the beauty of Christmas

bring you happiness...

and the peace of Christmas

fill your year with lasting joy.

Merry Christmas and a blessed new year to you.

©My Digest

Digesting Life with Zest from the City of Rainbows


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    • My Digest profile image

      My Digest 8 years ago

      Hi SweetiePie, thank you for dropping by to comment on this hub. I love your hubs and had to link one of those here :)

    • SweetiePie profile image

      SweetiePie 8 years ago from Southern California, USA

      Thanks for mentioning my hub on yours. You have some great ideas for Christmas cards by the way!