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Cool kitchen gadgets gifts. Kitchen gifts ideas. Best kitchen gadgets!

Updated on February 23, 2011

Cool kitchen gadgets gifts are one of those things I like to buy for myself or my friends and I enjoy using them. If you want to make a party or you have small children at home that don’t like to eat natural shaped food, then some of these gadgets could help you trick them to eat funny shaped boiled eggs, for example. If you have a friend that has just moved in into a new apartment or house, then you should look at this cool kitchen gadgets gifts list.

After all If you enjoy cooking and you like to serve and prepare food in an interesting and funny way, then you could pick something for yourself.

Check out this list of 9 cool kitchen gadgets gifts!!!

Kotobuki Plastic Egg Mold, Rabbit and Bear

Alien eggs!

Lovely eggs come out of this molds! It’s a magical gadget! Just place pealed hot cooked egg inside, close it, put it in cold water and wait for magic! After 10 minutes, open the mold and you are going to find a rabbit or bear shaped egg inside. Great for parties, small children or anyone who enjoy eating eggs that look like they aren’t from the Earth.

Shake, shake, shake

They have capacity of 20 ounces. If your friend goes to a gym and use supplements, this could be one of those cool kitchen gadgets gifts for him. Inside a blender bottle is a ball made of wire, so the shake gets really shaken…

Misto M100S Gourmet Brushed Aluminum Olive Oil Sprayer

Oil all over your salad!

It can spray any oil in fact... It is just irreplaceable for those who like equally oiled salad, bruschetta, focaccia, and grilled or roasted vegetables. Easy to maintain and even easier to use. Time to pump some oil!

Aerobie 80R08 AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

Push and drink

You want extraordinary gadget that can provide you rich flavored coffee or espresso? You found it! Only power you need for an excellent coffee or espresso is a power of your hands. Perfect for travels to nature or some other “no electricity” adventure.

Who needs a battler now?

Good morning! How about a nice breakfast sandwich in 4 minutes? For busy persons or romantic breakfast lovers without money to pay a battler, this gadget is as perfect as can be!

Riedel Wine Series Cabernet/Merlot Glass, Set of 4

Classy! If your friend is a homeless this is will be a luxury for him!

Nice classy gift. Everybody drink wine once in a while, so if you don’t want to risk you reputation as a “perfect giver”, these wine glasses are a safe bet!

Libbey Swerve 4-Piece Martini Set

Very twisted glasses

Modern design glasses which will stand out in every opportunity. Everybody will ask: “who bought you these glasses? They are so beautiful and unusual! “. That my friend, is a viral marketing!

Large Japanese 2 Pc Rice Soup Bowl Set with Chopstick & spoon BL

Ninja gift, for true ninjas...

Bowls and spoons in set are made of ceramic. Chopsticks are wooden. They come in a black fancy box. No need to wrap it or something like that, you can give them away in original package. You can order this set to a friend address, and give him money some other time, the box is that nice!

Omega J8005 Nutrition Center Single-Gear Commercial Masticating Juicer, Chrome and Black

Now, this is the ultimate cool kitchen gadget gift!

Space shuttle juicer that could make your friend forget any embarrassing situation related to you! If you need forgiveness from your wife, adoption by some lonely millionaire, or you want to knock out your mother in law, then this is a gadget for you!

Think again! Because...

...if you want to be remembered as a "Cool kitchen gadgets gifts giver", then you can’t make mistake by choosing something from the list above. Just close your eyes and imagine your mother in law saying: “Ahhh, it turned out that the one, my daughter chose, isn’t too bad at all!”.


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