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Couture Gift Ideas for Christmas

Updated on July 27, 2016

One of the hardest decisions around the holidays is selecting a gift to give to someone very special. So, as I have been planning to show you, I have made a list of my favorite gifts for this holiday season ...

We will start with my favorite gift #1:

Gift Idea #1

3 Canary Stone Cuff Bracelet – Judith Ripka

It’s one of my favorite pieces from her entire collection; it is based out of one of her most famous couture pieces of all time! If you want something that will make someone feel very special this holiday season, I think this bracelet will definitely do the trick.

Gift Idea #2

One of the best gifts of all is a great pair of earrings, gift #2:

"Estate" Ear Stone Yellow Stud Earrings – Judith Ripka

Every woman desires something sparkly and simple so, why not start off with something that represents an updated, elegant, couture designer way to wear a diamond look in a stud? I find they are extremely comfortable on the ears and extremely affordable, a Big Bonus for the Holidays!

Gift Idea #3

You know what would really make holiday for your lady-friend? Lip Gloss!, gift #3:

4-piece mini lip gloss set (bare minerals)

They are soooo cute because they have four of the best colors, beautiful glosses, they are all sheer, they are all beautiful, they look great, and they are just a whole lot of fun! It’s a really affordable way to get somebody a great gift idea for the holidays and every girl loves a little more gloss ;-)

Gift Idea #4

Oh, before I forget, another really great gift idea is gift #4:

A Fabulous Scented Candle from Bath & Body Works – Fresh Balsam

This is a huge candle décor made from their amazing fragrances! It’s a three wick candle and can fill up a room with a succulent balsam fragrance which is perfect for the holidays. I love candles because even if I don’t burn them, they smell great as if you can eat it right then & there; all you have to do is open the lid and it makes the whole room smell great! I have artificial trees around my house so, that’s really when a scented candle comes in handy. This is definitely a great gift idea and makes the whole room smell Fabulous!

Bath & Body Works Fresh Balsam 3-Wick Scented Candle

Gift Idea #5

They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, well, the way to a woman’s heart is through her handbag, gift #5:

B. Makowsky Handbag

This is a great handbag because it has that perfect, very sophisticated, understated, perfect in-between size that you definitely know someone will love especially for the holidays. I love it because it is not too big and not too small. It comes in a variety of colors by searching for the designer through amazon or ebay. The B. Makowsky designer handbags are made up of leather that we love and adore. And what I love most about them is that they don’t have an overpowering smell of leather & boots. It actually has that new car smell which we all love! It has a lot of organization on the inside. A great handbag makes a great gift for the holidays.

Gift Idea #6

You should give someone a gift around the holidays that they love to have but might not have enough to splurge on themselves, so what I’m thinking is a cozy, long sleeve, cowl neck sweater, gift #6

Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Stretch Pullover Top

You can never go wrong with a beautiful cowl neck sweater to warm up someone’s holiday. Cowl Neck, long sleeves, stretchy, in colors of burgundy, black, & light gray; it is a little luxury that every woman would love to wear, really comfortable stretchy viscose/nylon and a great classic style that any girl can wear all the time. A viscose/nylon cowl neck sweater is always a great gift idea!

Toby Parker's Puurrfect Quick Quiz

And of course you have an opportunity to take one of our holiday quizzes below presented by yours truly, your most favorite adorable cat, his royal catniss, the very wise, sophisticated, and inquisitive, no other than, Toby Parker White Paws:

Toby Parker's Puurrfect Quick Quiz!

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Homemade Gift Ideas!

© 2014 Angie-Marie Delsante


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