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Create Your Own Digital Happy Halloween Cards

Updated on September 19, 2011
First slide of a personalized digital happy Halloween card made with Smilebox.
First slide of a personalized digital happy Halloween card made with Smilebox.

Have fun with Halloween Cards

According to Hallmark, Halloween is the 6th most popular holiday for sending cards. The giant greeting card company says 20 million cards are sent at Halloween, putting it way behind Christmas (1.5 billion cards sent), but ahead of Thanksgiving (10 million cards sent).

If you're thinking about sending "Happy Halloween" cards, why not send a personalized ecard? They're eco-friendly, fast, and you can create personalized cards with your own photos online for free. Here are two sites that can help you create your own ghoulishly fun digital Halloween greetings.

JibJab Halloween Video


About Smilebox

Where to Create Personalized Happy Halloween Cards

My favorite sites for creating digital greetings are Smilebox and JibJab. Both sites offer a variety of ecards you can personalize.

At Smilebox, everything is free if you don't mind having ads on your cards, invitations, newsletters etc., or you can choose to pay a small fee to make greetings without ads. You'll need to download their free software to use this service. Then you can start making your creations in minutes. (Note: this site has music on the homepage, so if you're opening it at work, turn down the volume or put on your headphones.)

Smilebox is incredibly easy to use, and they've got hundreds of designs for every occasion, not just Halloween. Each one can be personalized with your own photos and text, and your choice of music.

If you're a fan of Elf Yourself (which is powered by JibJab), you'll love this site and their "Starring You" greetings, which allow you to put your face in a variety of funny videos. They offer a limited selection of free greetings, or you can become a member to get access to all of their cards. Some of the everyday cards may be considered a little off-color (you probably won't want to send the "Starring You" striptease or farting coworker ecards to your grandma), but there are plenty of cards that are fun for everyone. For instance, the whole family can enjoyo the "Starring You" Halloween Rap video that allows you to put the faces of your friends and family on various Halloween creatures.

JibJab also has dozens of other fun ecards for the whole year, including one that allows you to put your face on Star Wars characters.

Do You Prefer Paper or Electronic Happy Halloween Cards?

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