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Supreme Darth Vader Costume is for Die-Hard Fans

Updated on September 19, 2011

Supreme Darth Vader Costume


The Ultimate Star Wars Halloween Costume

As far as bad guys go, Darth Vader is one of the best villains of all time. The voice, the mask, and the shocking twist to his relationship to Luke Skywalker – all these made Vader a villain everyone could love to hate in the original Star Wars trilogies. The revelation of his entire sad, twisted fall to the Dark Side in Revenge of the Sith only served to cement his standing as one of the greatest bad guys ever to appear on screen.

So it’s not surprising that young and old still love to dress up as the Dark Sith Lord every Halloween. Darth Vader is cool – even if he is evil. But you have to be a Supreme Star Wars fan to choose the Supreme Darth Vader costume for Halloween. Why? Because it will set you back about $700 or more. And that doesn’t even include the light saber. Unless you're independently wealthy, you'll probably want to check out the Supreme Darth Vader costume price comparisons on BizRate before you plunk down your cash.

It’s a testament to the strength of the Star Wars franchise that such pricey Halloween costumes even exist. What other movie could entice fans to shell out that kind of money? And the Supreme Darth Vader costume isn’t the only pricey Star Wars outfit you can grab for Halloween. This year you can also enjoy the Stormtrooper Supreme costume or the Boba Fett Supreme costume if you’re willing to plunk down the bucks. Or, if you’re looking for something a little cheaper – say, around $500 (LOL) – you could always opt for the collector’s edition Chewbacca costume instead.

Authenticity ain’t cheap.

If that's what you want, however, that's what you'll get with these Supreme Star Wars costumes. The Darth Vader costume doesn’t come with the signature black boots or red light saber, and the helmet won’t change your voice to sound more like James Earl Jones. But the heavy duty injection molded plastic armor was cast from the original Lucas Studio molds. This isn’t some cheap knockoff designed in China. This is the real deal.

At this price, however, you sure better hope you win the office costume party.

What You Get with the Supreme Darth Vader Costume

So what do you get if you buy this $700 costume? Here's the product description:

This authentic, officially licensed Star Wars product includes the Darth Vader costume jumpsuit with quilted 'Faux Leather' pants and sleeves and cape tailored from Lucas Studios original patterns. Also included in the Supreme Edition Darth Vader Costume are heavy injection molded armor pieces cast from the original Lucas Studios molds including collar, shoulder guards, boot tops, chest piece and belt. Oversize mask and helmet which are made in heavy injection molded ABS material, cast from the original Lucas Studios molds, come with the costume, in addition to Darth Vader's gloves and gauntlets. The chest and belt pieces have LED lights that light up and the helmet includes a voice box with Darth Vader breathing sound effects.

  • Available in adult sizes: Standard or X-Large
  • Helmet is adjustable and will fit a wide range of hat sizes.
  • Chest piece does light up, but helmet does not change your voice.
  • This is an officially licensed STAR WARS™ Revenge of the Sith costume.

Is it Worth It?

Would you pay $700 for the Supreme Darth Vader Costume?

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Darth Vader Gets His Suit

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    • profile image

      Darth Vader Child Costume 7 years ago

      I was also in a darth vader costume last halloween. I am planning to buy also that head gear that changes voice.

    • profile image

      Joshua Loves Darth Vader Halloween Costumes 7 years ago

      This Vader costume is so sick! I wish I had an extra $600 bucks laying around for it. Or get the $600 storm trooper suit.

    • dohn121 profile image

      dohn121 8 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      I really liked this hub! I was Darth Vader three consecutive Halloweens when I was a kid. I had to stop soon after, due to my mom suggesting that it was getting "creepy." Thanks!