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Creative Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Updated on January 21, 2010

If you've ever entered a Hallmark store near February 14, you'd know that Valentine's Day is a Hallmark holiday. I used to work at Hallmark, so I can actually vouch for this common assumption. Regardless of the cheesy aspect of chocolates in the shape of hearts, overpriced flowers and mushy cards, Valentine's Day is a great reminder to show your honey how much you love her. And hey, any excuse to do more of that isn't such a bad thing!

But enough of the cliche V-Day gifts. Give her a more creative gift this year. Here are some ideas to get you started:

The New "Roses"

Every girl loves roses- with roses, you can't go wrong. The same old roses year after year end up feeling a bit lackluster though. Why not buy her flowers she can keep forever? Glass flowers are beautiful, and she'll never have to throw them out! They'll stay around the house as a constant reminder of your love for her. Or combine flowers and jewelry- buy her a flower necklace. Simple flower necklaces are a great gift if you've never bought jewelry for her or you're unsure what she likes.

The New "Chocolates"

Get creative with chocolates this year. If you find yourself going for See's, Godiva or the unimpressive grocery store chocolates every year, seek out more unique chocolates. I'm a huge chocolate lover, so I keep note of amazing chocolate places I've encountered throughout the US during my travels. And bonus: most of these places deliver!

If you live near a Ghirardelli ice cream and sweets shop, you could take her on a field trip to pick out her own chocolates. Their frozen treats and concoctions are to die for. Any of the Powell's Sweet Shoppe locations are also a great place to pick up imported chocolates AND fun sweets from your childhood.

The New "Cards"

Show her how much you love her this year in addition to telling her through a card (give her a card too- women like cards). Plan a special day for you and her, nothing fancy but something creative. If you live in a cold area, plan an indoor picnic for you both. Make burgers on the indoor grill, and eat some of your favorite summertime foods on a picnic blanket in the living room. Other creative date ideas: go to the aquarium or zoo, go to a historical movie theater that shows old, classic movies,  go see a jazz band, or have a playful date at a mini golf course or arcade.

Your wife or girlfriend is sure to appreciate all the creative effort you've given on Valentine's Day this year. So snuggle up by the fire and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Happy Valentine's Day!


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