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DIY Homemade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Adults (How To Do It Yourself)

Updated on February 10, 2013

So you want to do something heartfelt for that special someone? These 5 do-it-yourself projects for Valentines Day are sure to please even the toughest critic, while proving how much you care. Everyone loves knowing someone put in the time and effort to do something for them, and if you stick with these clever and adult-oriented project ideas, then you'll be sure your special someone will actually love your gift.


1. Personalized Elegant Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are the epitome of elegance. Nearly any adult will have a set of wine glasses in their cupboards, and I can guarantee there is no such thing as 'too many wine glasses'. Acid etching produces beautiful and elegant patterns on glass, and what a great way to show someone special that you care than to give them hand-made personalized wine glasses. The options are endless and may include stencilling 'I Love You' or their name, or even sketching personalized images or shapes that relate to your relationship. For instructions on how to acid etch your own wine glasses, visit the link below.


2. Chalkboard Paint Picture Frame

This DIY project is very simple to do, and is a safe bet for someone who may not be particularly artistic. Picture frames are a tried and true gift idea for someone close to your heart, however store bought picture frames can be tacky and impersonal. This DIY project involves buying a cheap wooden picture from from the dollar store (or somewhere else that has affordable knick knacks), a small bucket of chalkboard paint and a paint brush. Simply paint the wooden part of the picture frame with paint, allow to dry, and voila - you have a custom writing surface around your photo that you can personalize. Fill the frame with your favourite photo of the two of you, and wrap it up with a box of chalk.

Alternatively, you could buy a fancy looking frame and paint the glass insert with the chalkboard paint. This would create a beautiful writing surface to write notes to each other on.


3. Personalized Chocolate Dessert

They say the way to someone's heart is through their stomach... and 'they' can't be wrong, can they? 'They've' always been right before! Nothing shows someone you love them more than if you cook for them. Women love men who can cook, and men love women who can feed them. It's as simple as that! This DIY project is all about the chocolate (ahem - it IS Valentines Day, after all), and your significant other will never know how easy it was because these desserts look so amazing they could have been made by Thomas Haas! Chocolate bark recipes can simplified by melting swirled dark and milk chocolate as the bark, and food coloured white chocolate piped on the top like icing writing. Essentially all you need is a selection of milk, dark and white chocolate (chips or bars, either or), food colouring, a zip-lock bag, a clean flat surface and a bit of imagination. Click the link below for instructions on how to make a fancy variation of this super thoughtful Valentines Day dessert.


4. Adult-Only Coupon Book

For those of you looking for something to spice up your love life while still wanting to make a home-made gift, an adult-only coupon book is a quick and creative idea! Coupons can be personalized however you like, and can be made from various scrap booking and craft supplies. There are an infinite amount of ways you can approach this DIY project. Suggested coupons could read "this coupon is good for one full body massage", or "this coupon can be redeemed for 1 dinner and a movie date", or even something steamier. Get creative! For the card lover or poker player in your life, the link below shows you a tutorial on how to convert a deck of cards into love coupons.


5. Case of Personalized Wine Bottles

This DIY project is probably my favourite of them all, because not only does it involve wine (who doesn't love wine?), but it shows your special someone that you're thinking about your future together. This gift can easily be scaled down to just 1 or 2 wine bottles, but the more bottles you make, the more significant it will be to your relationship. The idea here is to personalize an entire case of wine so that when you open the bottles in the future, you will think back to the amazing memories of this Valentines Day. Decorating the bottles can be done any way you like, and may include pasted on images, paintings, sketches, beads, etc... Label each bottle with "Valentines Day 2013", "Valentines Day 2014", "Valentines Day 2015" and so on, so that each year you have something romantic to look forward to. Not only is this heartfelt and delicious, but it shows how committed to the relationship you are. The best part is, a few years down the road you will have a valuable vintage bottle of wine! (Just make sure you buy a nice wine that will age well).


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    • profile image

      Harry 2 years ago

      you can give tungsten rings to your man on this valentine.

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    • Celebrates profile image

      Celebrates 3 years ago

      I like the personalized wine bottles idea for Valentine's day. Great ideas and happy Valentine's day!