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Birthday resolutions

Updated on January 28, 2012

Save your change

He only looks mean to scare off penny predators
He only looks mean to scare off penny predators

You don't have to wait for January 1st!

Practically everybody who's anybody makes a New Year resolution on January 1st. You have a lot of company and a lot of support if you make a group resolution or a joint resolution with a friend or loved one. It's a great way to start a new year, however.......

I make my new year resolution a little more personal than that. The new year of my life starts on February 15 because that was the day I was born. Its my own personal milestone and a perfect day to give myself a wonderful gift. It could be anything in the world. It could be a decision to travel to a new place or to learn a new craft. It could be furthering my education. Maybe indulge in a makeover, a whole new style. Possibly to lose weight for my health, exercise more and eat less sugar and salt. All of these are part of what I am going to do for myself this year but not all.

Some things I plan to do for myself this year........

First, I am going to save money. This is a huge thing for me because it seems like there is never enough to save. It started out with the change I get from the day and has grown to the extra dollars I didn't spend that day on frivolous things such as eating out or buying that latte. See! I'm already practicing so that when my birthday rolls around I won't have any excuses or road blocks to my resolution.

I don't keep this money in my checking account either because if I do it will absolutely go to something other than my nest. I pay myself. If I saved ten dollars for the day because I took a cold cut sammy or a yogurt and a fruit and made my latte at home I pay myself the equal. I tuck it away, out of sight. It is only January 21st and I have enough tucked away that if I wanted to say, have a massage a new hair style or just get my nails done I can without remorse.

Second: I am paying my rent/mortgage two to three months in advance because you NEVER know what can happen. Clutch goes out on my car I want to be able to deal with it. Friend wants a partner to fly to Vegas.... yep I'm in.

I want to be prepared for adventure and disaster. So many people, myself included, have lost everything because we didn't prepare for lost jobs or in my case lost company. I have a lot of motivation for this because I experienced the devestation first hand. I know what hindsight looks like. The if only's have become a video edited to loop over and over in my brain as I try to sleep.

The biggest gift I am giving myself this February is the gift of forgiveness and the permission to move forward and never look back except at the positive side of things. I pray that we can ALL have this new year resolution at some point this year. You don't have to wait for your birthday either. Choose Valentine's Day! Pick a day at random.......

If you are trying to save your relationship or marriage choose your partners birthday. This is an excellent day to resolve to do something for them that will make them feel better about themselves and being with you. You could resolve to stop saying the words ALWAYS and NEVER. You could resolve to listen better maybe help out more around the house. You could resolve to set aside time just for them wheather its going out on a date or just staying home holding hands and talking. Its a perfect day to start. You don't have to wait until January 1st! This day also works for resolving to spend more time with or doing things for parents, children and friends.

Bottom line here is that EVERY day is the beginning of a new year. If you fail on January 1st to do something for yourself that you really NEED to do don't let it stop you. Don't wait until next January. Today is the beginning of a new year, every day is the beginning of a new year. Keep that in mind when at first you don't succeed.....

I hope he has a belly that opens! Too cute to break...
I hope he has a belly that opens! Too cute to break...


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    • tigerbaby777 profile image

      tigerbaby777 5 years ago from Nampa

      You think 54 is too old for a make over?! Bite your tongue.

      Hopefully you have many more years of health and beauty.

      Thank you for reading my humble hub.

    • jimagain profile image

      jimagain 5 years ago from Hattiesburg, Mississippi

      A novel idea. I'm going to try some of your suggestions...except the makeover. At 54, it's a little too late for a makeover. The next thing on my agenda is embalming! Wait?!! Then I don't get to make any more birthday resolutions!

      Seriously though. Good Hub!