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Tribute to Fathers by Daughters

Updated on September 22, 2015

Father's Love for his Daughter


Extra Special Day

Fathers are the backbone of a family. In every way the contribution of a father in a particular family is full of great impact. Father’s Day is one extra special day to shower love and respect on one's father. Actually fathers are paid tribute on their fatherhood on the third Sunday of the month of June every year. I have paid my respect to the fatherhood with my two articles titled Fathers-God on Earth and Emotional Poems on Father's Day to Honor Fatherhood but through this article I as a daughter want to pay tribute to my father and all the fathers.

Children's Perdpective towards Father

Though, I have lost my father some years back but fortunately before that unfortunate incident I got to spend a little more than three decades of my life with my utmost loving and caring father. Being a daughter myself it becomes easy for me to relate to the thoughts of the daughters towards their father. Before I discuss about that it will be better to clarify why in this article I am discussing only the perspective of the female children and not the male children. It is only because being a daughter I can understand the mind of the female children better and which has a very different outlook towards their father.

Few things that daughters always look up to their father are for: dependence, trust, love and care, protection and stability. As a young male or female child both look up to their father with some common interests such as dependence, stability, trust and protection but with age this perspective changes. Daughters and sons with growing age undergo a huge transformation in their lookout and so their expectation from their respective fathers does not match with one another’s. Sons get attracted to their father’s physical strength, the male ego factor, extending of financial stability and also their practicality so they try to adopt them but daughters take these traits of their respective fathers to a different level. This perspective of the daughters starts at their teen and continues till their marriageable age. Sometimes it even continues further if their thought does not match with their real life.

A Father is always a Daughter's Hero

A Daughter with a Wish of a Dream Man


Daughter's Thought regarding Marriage

Female children usually adopt the qualities of their respective mothers from their childhood by sheer observation such as emotional trait, managing household chores and how to be multi tasking but fathers lead them to nurture a dream. This perspective has two sides one a positive and another negative. That means a father who is a true family man, a good natured human being, cordial to everybody such as friends and others as well as very much supportive and protective leave a positive impact. The fathers who are just opposite in every respect leave a negative impact and it increases by manifolds if suppose they possess some other bad habits too. Such as if they are violent, drunkard, miser, gambler or so on.

A teenage girl child who starts to feel like having a boyfriend and later possess a vision about marriage reaches a critical juncture in life. Usually, she sets up a benchmark that a man of her dream will be either like her father or won’t be like him. The benchmark completely depends upon the impact a father made on his daughter. This whole aspect has a very deep meaning. The girl children normally do not go for looks only. Girls do give importance on looks of their men but with it there should be positive qualities in them if they have got an opportunity to admire the positive traits of their respective fathers. Daughters do not compare the physical beauty of a man with their father but definitely knowing or unknowingly they get carried away with the impact of their father’s quality. Thus, I would say a father makes or breaks his girl child’s marriage perspectives.

Life after Marriage of a Girl Child

Post marriage life is altogether a new beginning of life for a girl and a boy both. If you consider about the post marriage life of the girls only, then it is actually a topsy-turvy. It changes dramatically. The life with the in-laws, new environment, different culture and everything else signify a great change. To adjust in a new format of life the father’s impact plays a vital role. Especially, in an arranged marriage girls hardly possess any idea of her dream man other than a vague one so it’s obvious that she tries to match it with her father who is the dream man of her mother. The positive impact upon a daughter helps her to adjust comfortably but negative impact always makes her feel insecure and thus to adjust in the new environment seems next to impossible. A girl always expects her dream man to be caring, loving, protective, supportive, and dependable. This desire enhances when she undergoes a positive impact of her father because that’s the first male person who occupies and influences a great extent of her life. It differs while considering the daughters who undergo a low expectation level if they suffer along with their mothers due to the fathers’ negative qualities.

The girls who before marriage seriously consider a relationship, they too generally compare the man of their choice with their respective fathers knowingly or unknowingly. This is again the same condition like the girls who are married so the net outcome is the daughters are very much influenced by their respective fathers. The influence of the fathers leads the daughters to nurture a dream to have a man of their choice and live a happy life thereafter.

A Father's Worry for his Daughter

Fathers- Just a Request

At this point I as a female child thank those fathers who have a daughter and on them have left a positive impact. On this fatherhood day it is time to honor such fathers who have helped their daughters to wish for their dream man and plan their future accordingly. Side by side I humbly appeal to those fathers who failed to let their daughters dream something sweet about their man of choice. Just bring in a little change in their attitude and make some positive influence. This will certainly help their girl to dream for a nice man. Fatherhood will be blessed and fathers will always be considered as a strong support system by their daughters. Though, I never suffered any crisis as a daughter but this is a fact that all the daughters in this world are not that fortunate, so dear fathers, truly earn the respect of your daughter and let your fatherhood be a precious gift to them. This without any doubt will guide them to honor their fathers.

A small poem for all the fathers on the basis of a daughters’ perspective:

Listen Father Listen

Hear our words, dear fathers,

We are the loving daughters,

Thanks for every sweet little thing you offer,

Look up to you for your favor,

In return our heart always has a prayer,

May you remain hale and hearty forever!

Your goodness is our lucky charm,

Negligence of yours is an alarm.

Oh! Father, keep us happy and not in pain,

Else our dream will be tied in chain.

Your positive image is a breather,

Let this trait be in our dream man,

That's what is our life's desire,

Bless us to find a gentleman,

That will make our life brighter!

Happy Father’s Day!


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