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Father's Day - It's Significance and Importance

Updated on September 26, 2015

Loving Father


Specific Day for Father’s Day celebration

Birthdays, anniversaries, foundation days and many more are specifically celebrated on a particular date but Father's day, Mother's day or Friendship day and some are observed not on a fixed date but on a specific day. Every year the date usually varies but it’s the third Sunday of the month June which is fixed as Father’s Day. Globally, every country does not celebrate the Father’s Day on third Sunday of June but India, USA, UK, Pakistan, South Africa, France, Canada and many other countries do celebrate it. The countries which do not celebrate the Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June are also many and their names are: Spain, Thailand, Taiwan, Italy, Russia, Germany, Switzerland and some more. In 2015 the Father's Day falls on 21st June..

Origin of Father's Day

Sonora Dodd from Spokane celebrated Father’s Day in her own style in 1910. It seems she was influenced by the first attempt to celebrate Father’s Day made by Mrs. Grace Golden Clayton in 1908 which failed to create a mass appeal. Prior to these celebrations Mother’s Day was celebrated by Anna Jarvis and seems it made an impact on the ladies who tried to celebrate Father’s Day. It took a little time to become a law in US to celebrate Father’s Day on third Sunday of June. US President, Richard Nixon signed a law to celebrate Father’s Day on third Sunday of June in 1972.

Should Father’s Day be Celebrated?

Fathers are the backbone of a family. The family crumbles down if the father is not around. Mothers are the epitome of love and emotional strength while fathers signify mental strength and physical toughness which is equally important for the children to transform into a strong personality. The role of a father is very important in a family. The men who are painstaking fathers deserve to get a break from their gruelling routine. These caring men I mean the fathers are the representatives of God on earth for their personal families. They must receive honour and be showered with genuine love by their children as a mark of respect on a regular basis. Naturally, Father’s Day is deserved to be celebrated for sincere and loving fatherhood.

Father's Role according to Family Structure

One thing we must not forget and that is the family structure is continuously changing. At the time of honouring the fathers it is better not to discuss why and what for the family structure is changing but it is exceedingly changing day by day. Lots of families are presently managed by single father or mother. In such a scenario the single parent tries to perform the task of both the support angles such as emotional as well as mental. Thus, father or mother easily switch over his/her role as required and tries to give all kinds of happiness to the children.

One more thing is to be reflected here that is the present generation mothers/fathers are quite different in basic traits from their older generation. It is clearly visible in their attitude, thought and the way they tackle any difficult problem. Sometimes there is a complete role reversal. There is a huge generation gap in the thought process and the mothers or the fathers of this generation simply prove their ability to build up any sort of strength be it mental or emotional in the children.

Financier and Provider

Another thing which is constantly changing is the running of the family. Earlier, earning for the family was all men’s show but it is different now in many progressive families. Now, mothers are also working but that does not mean that fathers are opting for babysitting. Fathers do play the role of a babysitter but it is very rare and optional. Sometimes an absolute necessity of the family forces the fathers to become a baby sitter and they try to perform it with excellence only for the sake of their children.

Normally, fathers are considered to be the strongest in the family by their children. Fathers almost in every family earn money to bring in financial stability. This helps the family to fulfil their daily need along with some extra pleasure. To maintain family’s financial stability fathers do take lots of pain while ignoring their personal need. For fathers like the mothers, family comes first. Happiness, contentment and fulfilment of desire are the basic concern of any father regarding his child. If mothers take selfless pain to manage their family within the four walls then fathers are those great men who leave that comfort which is within the four walls of his house with a strong desire to bring in more comfort and joy within the family. The fathers are always in a hurry to fulfil the dreams of their children and for that they never step back from working hard. Such great men who give financial stability to the family and almost every time strive more and more to upgrade the family’s financial condition need to be honoured and respected through out the life. The fathers dream big for their children and they ignore their personal troubles only to see their children securely placed. We all are blessed as God has sent His representative to us.

Fathers are Selfless

People are always blamed as selfish beings but interestingly a very small percentage of people, be they the mothers or the fathers, come under the selfish category when they perform their parental role. The fathers can be selfish as son, brother, friend, uncle even as husband and so on but hold on not as parent leaving aside exceptions. Children are the first priority of the fathers. A smile on the child’s face makes the father relax, stops worrying and enjoys peace of mind.

Responsible Men

The basic thing what we need to understand is, fathers are away from their family for long hours not for their personal enjoyment but for the children and the family. The fathers seem to lack a little in comparison with the mothers in making a bond with their children but why, is it by choice? No, it is not rather it is due to the duty towards the children. It is the feeling of responsibility which keeps the father away from their family even in some crucial days too. Just imagine the pain the father undergoes at such a point of time but the irony is he has to put up a strong image in front of the family. Fathers are not supposed to break down in front of all. If at all they fail to control their emotion then it is needless to say what his family undergoes. Children look up to their father for courage and strength so the fathers are not allowed to express their emotion. That is a real critical position a father faces because he is ultimately a human being though considered as God on earth by his children. Still, never mind. Just by becoming a father, some extra special strength and sharpness get attached to his basic trait and which helps the father to play his role with full conviction.

Misunderstood Men

The strong image of a father makes them look like a hard taskmaster. Sometimes fathers are widely misunderstood because of their basic rough and tough nature. Children miss to see the softness lying within the heart of their father. Fathers are the symbol of strength but they too have a soft heart which pains when their children are in pain. Thus, the fathers, the misunderstood men, deserve to be honoured and may their blessings be with their children forever.

The Father’s Day is the birthday of fatherhood. One full circle completes with the men attaining fatherhood. It makes the men doubly strong as well as doubly weak. After fatherhood the fathers become fierce and fearless to achieve something great for their child but side by side they are always full of worry for their children. The fathers perform the role of a father through out the year with integrity and honouring them just on one day is simply demeaning their sincerity. Still, in this busy schedule something is better than nothing. All the children must feel proud to celebrate Father’s Day. It is a high time when fathers should be made proud of their fatherhood. Actually the third Sunday of June, I mean, the Father’s Day is the perfect time to honour one’s own father’s fatherhood.

Bridge the Gap

Third Sunday of June is the right time to bridge the gap if any between the children and their fathers. A gap sometimes crop up in a father-child relationship but it is not due to the lack of love on either side but it happens because of the basic trait of the fathers. Children develop fear to face their father because of basic rough and tough approach. Naturally, they fail to express love for their father and also start avoiding him. In such a case, experience something special on third Sunday of June that means the Father’s Day which is a great opportunity to cement the relationship. Open up yourself and see how the fathers embrace their child with open arms. Fathers are also like a child who is afraid to express their love for children as they may get carried away and miss the tag of being rough and tough. Cordiality from both the end will renew the father-child relationship. Father’s Day is the greatest opportunity to establish friendship especially for those children who are no more teenagers. It takes the father-child relationship to a higher level which can be cherished forever.

Commercialisation of Father’s Day

Just like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day was also commercialized by the various card and gift companies. Interestingly, Sonora Dodd who propounded Father’s day promoted the commercialization of the celebration regarding Father’s Day. The founder of Mother’s Day Anna Jarvis and Sonora Dodd, the initiator of Father’s Day were completely opposite in their approach towards commercialization of Father’s Day. Sonora Dodd promoted the enhancement of the amount of gifts for the Father’s Day celebration.

Let me sum up with a poem through which I want to honor those fabulous men who are the fathers- the God on earth including mine.

Father- a God on Earth

God gifted me you as my father,

A man of few words,

If you make a promise,

Fulfilling it becomes your desire,

Disciplinarian and honest,

You think about others first,

Though, you seem to be very rough and tough,

Find you extremely gentle when you talk and laugh.

Mistakes I make and feel scared,

While you hardly scold,

Rather handle me with care,

That wipes away all my fear,

Though you never appear to be mild,

Your worries for me you try to hide,

Leaves an impression:

You are a loving and humble man.

My heart then feels your worth,

Understands you even better,

God has physically descended on earth,

Looks exactly like you my dear father.

Happy Father’s Day!

Everything has an exception so do the spirit and nature of the fathers but it is better to discuss the sweetest aspect of fathers on Father’s Day.

Children, let your father enjoy his fatherhood and you honor them on this Father’s Day, the third Sunday of June.

True Fathers are indeed a mirror of God


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