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Disney Bounding at Disneyland's Halloween Party

Updated on October 21, 2015
Disney Bounding at Disneyland's Halloween Party.
Disney Bounding at Disneyland's Halloween Party. | Source

So before I even start, I know what you are thinking: what is Disney bounding? Disney bounding is where Disney characters and fashion collide. It is more about using the character as inspiration for your everyday clothes. The key to this is that you pick similar colors and silhouettes to the character you are trying to emulate. Instead of posting another Hub on Mickey's Halloween Party this year I have decided to give you a glimpse about one of the most important aspect of going to the party: the costume! Picking out a costume has always been the most enjoyable part of going to the party for me. I am going to show you how I Disney bounded and a look at the fun I had in the park for the party.

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Three Parts To My Costume

The three main components of my Rapunzel costume: the dress, the flower crown, and the shoes.
The three main components of my Rapunzel costume: the dress, the flower crown, and the shoes. | Source

This year I let my boyfriend decide what we were going to dress up as. I was pleasantly surprised that he picked an adorable Disney couple: Flynn Rider and Rapunzel from Tangled! Of course I offered a few suggestions but he was really into this idea. We decided to Disney bound because we were on a budget this year and with the heat we didn't want to be in full on costumes. We really wanted to pull from our closets and have fun with it! Besides, I always think that it is fun to dress up as something Disney when going to the party. Right?!? I was also excited because I just recently donated my hair to locks of love so instead of going as blonde Rapunzel with her long flowing hair; I am going as Rapunzel after her hair gets chopped off. I know it's not as short as it was in the movie but since we are Disney bounding; I took artistic liberty haha. My costume consisted of three main pieces: a purple dress, a flower crown, and nude flats.

The Dress

Plumb floral dress from Old Navy.
Plumb floral dress from Old Navy. | Source

I was really fortunate when it came to my dress, I previously had bought this purple dress from Old Navy about two months ago for work. At first I didn't think it would work because the purple is a little bit darker than the animated version of Rapunzel. After looking at a lot of pictures on Pinterest I noticed that the in-park character outfit for the Rapunzel in Paris is a dark purple as well. She instantly became my inspiration for my costume. This dress is great because it has the sweetheart neckline and a longer hemline which I felt really captured the silhouette of Rapunzels dress. It is very sweet and flowy! It also has little tiny flowers all over it in peach and orange which reminded me of the beautiful lantern scene. To add a little bit of dimension to my dress I layer a white lace crop top underneath it because Rapunzels dress has sleeves and I wanted to be as similar to her as possible.

Shop The Look!

Below are really cute options if you are interested in putting a Tangled inspired look together yourself! This one is so cute and simple. You could wear a pink cardigan with it and it would be perfect!

The Shoes

Nude mary janes from Forever 21.
Nude mary janes from Forever 21. | Source

So in my opinion the shoes were the most important part of this outfit. The main reason for this thought was because I will be walking around in them ALL DAY LONG. I really wanted something comfortable that I wouldn't have to fuss with. Rapunzel doesn't wear shoes in the film so I knew that they had to be nude. I also knew that I didn't want anything that slips on and off my foot easily because getting trampled by a stroller is a death sentence for slip on shoes and let's be honest; it's going to happen. I found these super cute nude mary jane's from Forever 21. This was one of the only items I bought for my costume. They were about $14 and they are really comfortable!

Shop The Look!

These are super cute and would definitely give the effect of being barefoot. I love the gold accents because it reminds me of all the references in the movie to the golden flower!

The Flower Crown

My handmade flower crown.
My handmade flower crown. | Source

This was by far the most challenging, time consuming part of putting my costume together. At first, I was just going to buy a crown. After searching both online and in stores I couldn't find anything that was what I was looking for. Rapunzel doesn't have flowers in her hair until the end of the story but it is one of the most memorable looks. I had to have a flower crown! I decided to make my own. I also really wanted to make a back half crown because she has her flowers in her braid. I must admit, I have never made one before. I looked at a lot of different tutorials and it was actually simpler than I thought it would have been. The hard part was finding the right color and right size flowers for what I wanted. It being fall heading into Christmas makes it difficult to find spring and summer flowers in the floral section of craft stores. I found my flowers at Hobby Lobby and they were all on sale! I ended up buying small sunflowers, purple pansies, little white flowers, and dainty open pink roses. I wanted it to look like they were picked from the forest, not made for a bride. I had a lot of fun putting it together and I think it really made my costume.

Shop The Look!

If you don't have time to make a flower crown then by all means buy one! The one below is a really cute option.

My Bag

Best Day Ever canvas bag from Hobby Lobby.
Best Day Ever canvas bag from Hobby Lobby. | Source

If you have read my other Hubs about the Halloween party then you know that there is trick-or-treating involved and I love it! Instead of taking my normal reusable bag I actually wanted something that was a part of my costume. As I was shopping for flowers in Hobby Lobby, I serendipitously came across this canvas tote. It was a few dollars and the quote on the front is actually in the movie! I knew I had to get it and decided to get it to put my candy in.

Disney Bounding at the Party

Here we are as Flynn Rider and Rapunzel at Mickey's Halloween Party.
Here we are as Flynn Rider and Rapunzel at Mickey's Halloween Party. | Source

I know that I didn't go into detail with my boyfriend's outfit but this is because his was really simple. He just wore brown pants, brown boots, a white shirt, and a green shirt. Boys have it so easy! Anyway, here we are at the park! We had a lot of fun and I think we did a good job emulating our characters!

They just can't get his nose right!
They just can't get his nose right! | Source

We took our pictures inside of the Fantasy Faire because this section of the park was inspired by the movie Tangled. It was perfect for posing and we had a lot of fun with it! There were lots of other Rapunzels that I saw but I didn't really see any Disney Bounding, most were in full costume. I will say that they all kept stealing my picture ideas though!

Here I am next to Rapunzels tower inside of the Fantasy Faire section in Disneyland.
Here I am next to Rapunzels tower inside of the Fantasy Faire section in Disneyland. | Source

We had so much fun at the party and I have to tell you that it did rain on us while we were trick-or-treating (insert sad face here). Sadly because of the light rain they closed almost all of the trick-or-treat stations. So, we cut our losses and decided to head out for a nice dinner at the Jazz Kitchen. It was nice to be out of the wetness and relax to some live music. Our server was great and even gave us free beniegts because we told her about the stations being closed. Now I want to clarify: we were not complaining about it. We were just making conversation and got on the topic of the party while she was making our bananas foster. She was so sweet and it really put us back in a good mood!

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I hope this has inspired some ideas for future costumes and I really hope you enjoyed reading! How do you think our costumes came out? Let me know in the comments what you think! If you want to read up about the party you can read Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party which tells you everything you need to know about attending. You can also read Mickey's Halloween Party 2014 where you can see all the fun that you can experience inside the park during the party. I want to wish you all a Happy Halloween and I hope you have some fun Halloween plans!


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    • Lyndsay Gamber profile image

      Lyndsay Gamber 22 months ago from California

      Hi Mike!

      It is so much fun going all out for Halloween but Disney Bounding is great for last minute costumes or if you are on a budget! Thank you for commenting =)

    • Mike Nolan profile image

      Michael Nolan 22 months ago from Sarasota, FL

      I get the idea and would do it for a regular day in the park. But for Halloween, I gotta go all out!