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Disney Snow White Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on October 30, 2009

Want to have a Disney-themed birthday party for your little princess? One of the most beloved Disney classics is Snow White. Why not have your very own Snow White birthday party? If you have a Disney Snow White Birthday party for your child, she will remember it fondly forever.

Tell the guests that your daughter is having a Snow White birthday party, but encourage them to come dressed as any princess they want (or any prince, if you are inviting some boys). Your daughter can wear a Snow White costume. 

Decorate your house in bright yellow, red, and blue Snow White Colors, make a special birthday cake, and play games while listening to music CDs of Disney princess songs. Here are some simple ideas to make your daughter's Disney Snow White birthday party a huge success.

Disney Snow White Costume at Amazon

Disney Snow White Costume

Your little princess will feel very special if you make or buy a Snow White costume. You will find that this costume will get a lot of use. Almost every day will be dress up day for her as she imagines that she is this adored Disney character.

Children are full of imagination, so even if you make a red cape and put together a yellow skirt and a blue top, your little princess will become Snow White. She might even sing to her little stuffed animal friends while she cleans up her room.

Don't forget to add a red ribon to her hair for that real Snow White look.  Find a make-up mirror with a handle to complete the wardrobe!

Disney Princess Castle Cake

You can actually order a mold to make this castle cake if you're talented.
You can actually order a mold to make this castle cake if you're talented.

Disney Snow White Birthday Party Cake

You can be really creative when you make a Disney Snow White birthday cake. One really simple idea is to make a cake and put a round mirror in the center.

All the children can say, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest one of all?" If you decide to make cupcakes instead, you can make mini-mirrors to put on each one. Just cut out small cardboard circles, cover them with aluminum foil, and Viola! Each cupcake now has a small mirror.

A great idea is to take your daughter's picture in a Snow White costume and then have a cake made with that picture on it. Many grocery stores with a bakery can do that for a reasonable price.

If you buy some Snow White figures, you can put them on your child's Snow White birthday cake and then let her play with them after the party.

Finally, you can make a classic doll cake and decorate the doll like Snow White. For step-by-step details on making a doll cake, go to my Disney Snow White Birthday Party hub.

Disney Snow White Birthday Party Ideas

Decorate Magic Mirrors You can buy some cheap mirrors at the dollar store or make them with aluminum foil and construction paper frames. Then let the children decorate the mirrors with sparkles, glitter, and fake gems. Then put them aside to take home when the party is over.

Decorate with Snow White Colors Use the colors of Snow White's dress - bright yellow, red, and blue for your paper plates and decorations.

Cleaning Game Before They Play You can have all sorts of feather dusters and cleaning supplies and ask the children to dust and clean up before they do an activity, such as open presents or make the magic mirrors. Play the "Whistle While You Work" song while they are cleaning.

Play Snow White SongsDon't forget to incorporate music from Disney's Snow White in your party. Play the music in the background while the children play. When it is time to go outside or to another area of the house, everyone can sing, "Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's off to work we go".

Get a Call from Snow White or the Prince Have a friend pretend to be Snow White or the Prince and call your child personally. Put the call on speaker phone, so all the children can hear. The Prince might say he was sorry he couldn't come to the party, because he was looking for his horse, or something like that.

Offer Red ApplesHave a basket of red apples for a prop. If someone dresses up like a witch, they can offer each child a red apple as they leave the party, saying, "Want a nice red apple dearie?"

Disney Snow White Party Gifts

 It is often difficult to find gifts to match a specific party theme at local stores. Fortunately, the internet can help you locate the unique Snow White gifts you may be looking for. Whether you are searching for baby dolls, plush toys, small figurines, dress-up clothes, or other items, the internet can help you in your quest.

Disney's Snow White
Disney's Snow White

Disney Snow White Gift Items From Amazon

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Disney's Snow White - Someday My Prince Will Come

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Disney Snow White Video

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Adults Snow White Party Costumes

Snow White Maleficient Costume
Snow White Maleficient Costume
Snow White Evil Queen Cosume
Snow White Evil Queen Cosume


This version of Snow White is a Disney copyrighted character. This site is in no way connected to the Walt Disney Company.  All character images are copyright the Walt Diney Company.

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      Lots of great things here! You might like this too:

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      My lil girl wants a Snow white birthday party. Thank you for the suggestions. i like it!!!

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      Hannah's favorite Disney princess is Aurora of sleeping beauty! It's her favorite.

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      Great ideas. Mnay daughter loves Snow White so these will come in very useful. Thanks so much.

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      @Moneylady, Thanks!

      @Glassvisage, I will look into Tinkerbell.

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      This is GREAT! I love it!

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      So many things you could use for a Snow White party, or a Cinderella party! The children in my life are interested in Tinkerbell... :)

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      Thanks PartyAnimal! It could be a party to remember!

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      This party plan the way you have it looks MAGICAL.

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      You are never too old for a Snow White party. Good luck!

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      It's so sad I'm to old for a Snow White party :(

      Great hub!