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Dress Like Your Pet This Halloween

Updated on February 1, 2015
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Dress Like a Critter This Year

Has anyone ever told you your pet looks just like you? For some reason, people and their pets start to look alike after a while. Perhaps people tend to pick pets that resemble their owners or maybe after years of living together this happens. If you don't naturally look like your pet already, that is OK. You can look just like your pet this Halloween!

A wide assortment of animal costumes are available for pet owners. I am not just talking about dressing your dog for Halloween. I am talking about you dressing like your dog for Halloween. For that matter, you can dress like a dog and then dress your dog as a human. You will be a hit at the dog park on Halloween. However, it doesn't just have to stop at dogs!

Did you know there are hamster costumes, fish costumes, and even lizard costumes? You can show off your love of all your favorite domesticated animals this Halloween by wearing a pet costume. Check out some of your great Halloween costume options.

Dress Like a Dog

Adults and children alike will find many dog Halloween costume options. You can even find certain breeds, such as a Shih Tzu. You can go all the way with an entire dog outfit, or you can just wear ears or a dog face mask.

There are even Halloween dog costume pajama outfits in case you are staying in your home, but still want to dress like a puppy. The possibilities are unlimited. Your dog is sure to appreciate (or get freaked out) when he sees you wearing your dog Halloween costume.

Cats are Cute

Let's not kid ourselves, a lot of the cat costumes available are going to be for women and they are going to be sexy. Often a women can get away with just wearing a tight outfit, cat ears, and a cattail, and she will be a hit at the Halloween costume party. Does she really even need to look like a cat? No. Will anyone actually care at the party? Of course not.

You can, however, geniunely look like a real house cat this Halloween if you want to buy an actual costume. There are furry outfits out there that really look like cats. So basically, this Halloween all the ladies out there have the option of going sexy with very little accessories, or really looking like a cat in a full-sized costume. For that matter, there are even cat Halloween costumes for men and women, so look out for cat couples this Halloween.

Hamsters are Awesome!

You might think your hamster is just running in the wheel all night and not thinking about holidays, but you could be wrong. Perhaps your hamster wants to celebrate Halloween this year.

Since your hamster is too small to really dress up for Halloween, you can instead dress like your hamster. Yes, there are entire furry hamster Halloween costumes for children and adults. Once you start wearing the outfit, you might just want to find a giant wheel or hamster ball and start running.


Do the Bunny Hop

Along the same lines as women dressed like cats, bunny outfits tend to be worn by women and they tend to be sexy. However, this does not have to be the case. You guys out there can dress like a bunny rabbit, too! After all, plenty of people have rabbits for pets, so anyone should be able to dress like one.

If you want to be really creative, you can buy a low-budget Easter bunny costume and dress as a crazed Easter Bunny this Halloween. If you look crazy enough, I assure you, no one will question why you are dressed like a bunny for Halloween.

Never forget footie pajamas are also available now to people of all ages. You'd be surprised at just how many reasonably priced pink bunny costumes you can find at stores. Trust me on that one.

A Fish Out of Water

Fish are one of the most popular pets in the world. Seriously, who hasn't at least had a goldfish as child? Perhaps you are a fish enthusiast with a giant tank. Maybe you are just simply very fond of your betta fish. All of this means you should consider dressing like a fish this Halloween!

Fish costumes can be fun and simple to make, or you can buy an elaborate Halloween fish costume online. Either way, take a bubble maker with you and have some fun while you walk around looking like a fish this Halloween.

Lizards are Cool

You might not realize it, but yes, you can even dress like your pet lizard. Even if you don't have a lizard, perhaps you are just a fan of the GEICO gecko. I mean, seriously, that gecko is pretty cute.

This Halloween, you can dress up like a lizard and you have plenty of options. You can buy a lizard Halloween costume, or you can even just paint your skin green and see if you can pass as a lizard. Either way, why bother dressing like an ordinary pet? Try something unique and dress like a lizard this Halloween.

This One's For The Birds

Last but never least, let us not forget our adorable feathered friends. If you have a pet bird, surely you would enjoy dressing like a bird this Halloween. Birds of fun, pretty, and some of them can talk. Trust me, it is way easier to walk around talking like a parrot rather than barking or meowing all night.

Due to the popularity of Angry Birds, it is now easier than ever to find a bird costume. You can dress like an Angry Bird, or just dress like a regular pet bird. Either way, you and your feathered outfit is going to be a hit at the next Halloween party.

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