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Easter Egg Decorating Parties

Updated on April 4, 2012

Kids love Easter and an Easter egg decorating party is the best way of celebrating this holiday with your children and all of their friends. Spring time is coming soon and Easter is getting closer. Besides Christmas Easter is the biggest Christian holiday of the year. But Christians are not the only ones who celebrate this holiday.

Many people see Easter as the end of winter and the beginning of spring when the first flowers start blooming and nature finally shows some life again. Throwing an Easter egg decorating party is as normal at this time like making homemade Easter baskets or throwing an Easter egg hunt.

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Proper Planning

Before you throw an Easter egg decorating party, you have to get everything you need. You can't throw an easter egg decorating party without eggs, so make sure you buy enough of them. About six to twelve eggs for each guest will be just fine.

Choose your working area. Usually the kitchen table is perfect for such undertakings. It is good if you decorate your working area with a spring theme. Some center pieces featuring spring flowers will do just fine. Also don't forget to use news paper or colorful plastic covers to protect your table. If you don't protect your table you will never be able to get the color stains off again.

After you decorate and protect your work area, you will need to either hard boil the eggs or blow them out. It is easier to hard boil the eggs, but if you want to create permanent Easter eggs, you will need to blow them out.

Blowing out eggs is a simple process, but it requires delicate hands. You have to make two holes on opposite sides of the egg with a knitting needle. The holes should be large enough for you to be able to blow through. Now hold the egg above a smaller bowl and blow gently through one hole until the egg is empty. Blown out eggs can be used as permanent Easter eggs since only the shell remained.

Besides eggs, you also need dye and optionally, something to decorate the eggs with. The most simple way of decorating easter eggs is to buy egg decorating kits. There are egg decorating kits available in most shops. If you want to make you own dye, there are many excellent recipes available on the internet.

Decorating Easter eggs will be the main activity of your party but that doesn't mean your guests should be hungry. To satisfy your party guests you can serve a buffet that includes spring themed food like strawberries or sliced ham.

Be sure to include other Easter games as party activities too. The Easter egg hunt is a great idea for every Easter or spring themed party. An Easter scavenger hunt is great fun too.

Last but not least, every Easter party needs personalized invitations. You should let your kids make the invitations, after all, their friends will be the party guests. Making party invitations is a story for itself, but there are many great kits available for that purpose.

Planning an Easter egg decorating party is almost as fun as the party itself, so try it out. You and your kids won't be disappointed.

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    • Vampsdes profile image

      Vampsdes 5 years ago from Missouri, US

      We had a blast decorating eggs with the children this year. We also did an easter egg hunt that was a lot of fun too. We just hardboiled our eggs though, I had no idea you could blow them out to make permanent ones! Voted useful and up!

    • pvednik profile image

      pvednik 5 years ago

      Jus one week to go.

    • profile image

      valuk 5 years ago

      Can't wait... Easter is coming. Couple more days left and we will have the magic times of decorating eggs.