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Easter Egg Treasure Hunt Games - Kids Scavenger Hunt Party Ideas

Updated on July 2, 2011

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt Games Can Be More Fun Than Normal Easter Egg Hunts

Easter wouldn't be the same without an Easter egg hunt. Easter egg treasure hunt games add a bit of excitement to the normal Easter egg hunt by including 'special' Easter eggs.

These special Easter eggs have some sort of extra value attached to them. The value could be money, a special prize, or simply a ribbon or trophy for the scavenger hunt winner.

The treasure hunt special eggs are decorated in some way so that they are easily recognizable. A distinct color or design is how the valuable treasure hunt eggs are usually marked.

Scavenger hunt clues help searchers find the missing Easter eggs.

A twist on this Easter scavenger hunt party idea is to provide clues in the ways mentioned below. When the kids get to the last of the scavenger hunt clues, they find their Easter baskets filled with goodies!

Have an Easter Kids Scavenger Hunt Party

A kids' scavenger hunt party is one of the greatest Easter egg hunt ideas, for kids and adults. The kids get to run around, get their exercise, and have fun.

The adults at the Easter celebration have fun watching the kids hunt for Easter eggs and clues, plus get a chance to converse with other grownups uninterrupted for awhile. Or adults can join in on the Easter egg scavenger hunt party as well!

Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Providing Treasure Hunt Clues

Providing Easter egg treasure hunt clues is fun to plan. There are several ways to accomplish this for a scavenger hunt party.

You can provide scavenger hunt clues with photographs, a list of riddles, a map, or with Easter eggs themselves. They all work well for clues.

Treasure hunt ideas will start to multiply as you start thinking more about it, I'm sure. But for starters, here are some ways to provide scavenger hunt clues for your Easter egg treasure hunt games.

Use Photos as Scavenger Hunt Clues

Photographs work really well to provide scavenger hunt clues. The photos give treasure hunt ideas as to where the special Easter eggs are located. Depending on the age group, the treasure hunt clues can be as obvious or cryptic as you wish.

For a younger kids scavenger hunt party, take photographs of the actual Easter eggs in their exact locations.

Older kids will have more fun with Easter egg scavenger hunt clues that take a bit of time to figure out. For example, take a photo of your front door if the Easter egg treasure is located somewhere on the front porch.

For even more difficult clues, make the photo itself be a puzzle. An example is to take a picture of a flower vase if the Easter egg has been hidden around your roses.

Empty Plastic Easter Eggs Can Hold Scavenger Hunt Clues

Use plastic Easter eggs used to hold candy. Instead of candy, hide clues about the location of one of the 'special' Easter eggs. This is a way to add some fun to a normal Easter egg hunt, by combining it with the Easter eggs containing scavenger hunt clues.

Make Treasure Maps as Clues for a Scavenger Hunt

Maps are another way to provide treasure hunt clues for an Easter scavenger hunt party. As a matter of fact, maps are a very popular way to present scavenger hunt clues.

It's pretty easy to make a treasure hunt clues map. Use simple drawings and symbols like on a normal map.

Have scavenger hunt participants follow the Easter egg treasure map until they get to the desired locations where the valuable Easter eggs are located.

How to use Riddles for a Kids Scavenger Hunt Party

One last way to present treasure hunt clues is with riddles. Each participant or team gets a list of scavenger hunt riddles.

Scavenger hunt clues made with riddles can be more difficult to create, though. Deciding to use riddles as treasure hunt clues will depend a lot on whether you have the time (and energy) to come up with creative riddles for your Easter egg treasure hunt games.

If you're having a kids scavenger hunt party for Easter, decide if they are old enough to figure out treasure hunt clues with riddles. Be sure to adjust the difficulty of the riddles depending on the age and maturity level of the Easter egg hunters. If there are several kids present who get bored or distracted easily, riddles may not be good scavenger hunt party ideas for your Easter egg hunt.


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