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Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Ladies

Updated on December 22, 2012

Go Green Gift Ideas for Moms, Grans, Aunts, Teachers or Friends

As a self-confessed hippie I like to ensure that I constantly do my bit to ensure that we live a sustainable and environmentally aware lifestyle. With Christmas just around the corner, I wanted to track down some eco-friendly gift ideas that are not only made from environmentally friendly products by environmentally friendly manufacturers, but that also educate and promote the concept of sustainable living. I searched our online world and retail stores and here is my list of eco-green gifts for ladies.

Books are great gifts, whether it’s a paper back or e-book! Here are eco-Book favourite gifts for the ladies:

  • An Eco-Babe's Guide To Greening It: Everything A Modern Woman Needs To Know To Live An Eco-Friendly Life: this is a great book, filled with easy to understand information on how to live an eco-friendly life.
  • Eco Craft: Recycle Recraft Restyle: This book will ensure that you never look at trash the same way again!
  • Eco-thrifty: Cheaper, Greener Choices for a Happier, Healthier Life: This book offers insightful and knowledgeable ideas that promote sustainable and greener living.

Gardening is also a great hobby and growing our own fruit and vegetables are a great way for us to engage in sustainable living practices. Why not buy some herbs or vegetable seedlings and place them in mini buckets and give these as gifts. Take a look at this tutorial where I gave our family some Celosia seedlings as gifts.

Eco-friendly jewellery is another great gift idea. Earth Friendly is a jewellery designer and manufacturer who has a gorgeous range of jewellery made from recycled materials available on Amazon.

Bath Products are always well received by the ladies! Eco Nuts have a super cool range of environmentally friendly products also available on Amazon. Try not support large corporations who have histories of cruelty towards animals and the environment. Rather buy for eco-friendly suppliers and promote the hippie way of life!

Instead of wrapping your gift, why not put it into an eco-friendly shopping bag and tie a ribbon around the handle!

Much Love,

The Hippie Housewife


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