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Famous Places in England

Updated on June 26, 2013
Autumn Colours
Autumn Colours
How Hill Norfolk Broads
How Hill Norfolk Broads


England as you probably know has lots of interesting places to visit. There is so much History so much beautiful landscape and Historic  buildings that contain lots to learn  about the past. Every County in England has so much to offer. You could spend years travelling around looking at Historic site famous buildings and landmarks and beautiful scenery

The rivers of England are special.  Whether it is the River Thames the River Humber the Norfolk Broads or the Rivers Ouse the importance of the Rivers around England cannot be underestimated. Griff Rhys Jones Britain's famous presenter and Comedian presented a very interesting television series on British Rivers. These followed the Mountain series which were released earlier.

There are at least 100 rivers and tributaries running into the North sea alone. Some of the most famous and highly used by shipping are.The River Tyne, The River Humber and of course the River Thames.


Cities. England is full of beautiful and historic cities. Cities such as York in the centre are truly historic. Have beautiful buildings and excellent shops. The city itself also has an very large historic Minster which dates back more than a thousand years. As well it has an historic shopping lanes such as the very narrow Shambles which contain unique shops and boutiques. Micklegate has a church hall which has been converted to a beautiful canteen and cafe. If you visit you will awe struck by its history and you being present in it.

Lincoln too is an historic town with the grandiose and beautiful Lincoln Cathedral as its centrepiece.

The Shambles York
The Shambles York | Source
Lincoln Cathedral
Lincoln Cathedral | Source

Norfolk Broads

No Norfolk Broads are not a slang term for women in England but rather a beautiful series of rivers canals and tributaries that run around the eastern part of Britain called East Anglia. The Norfolk and Suffolk Broads form some of the most scenic and idyllic areas of Britain and the Broads are classified by the National Trust in the same way as National Parks. For many years the broads were regarded as natural features of the landscape.It was only in the 1960s that Dr Joyce Lambert proved that they were artificial features. The Romans exploited the rich peat bed for fuel. Then the sea levels began to rise, and the pits began to flood. Despite the construction of wind-pumps and dyke's, the flooding continued and resulted in the typical Broads landscape of today, with its reed beds, grazing marshes and wet woodland. Various attempts were made to extend the navigable rivers. The longest lasting was on the River Waveney, where an Act of Parliament passed on 17 March 1670. Over the following three centuries numerous locks and dredging took place which enabled the broads river system to grow which allowed barges access to transport goods across a large area. The Broads largely follows the line of the rivers and natural navigation's of the area. There are seven navigable rivers, the River Yare and its (direct and indirect) tributaries the Rivers Bure Thurne, Ant, Waveney, Chet and Wensum. The Broads have been a boating holiday destination since the late 19th century. One of the must do things in life in my view is to spend a week on a barge travelling and fishing on the Norfolk Broads. I tell you will be hooked !

River Humber

One of the rivers I travelled on a a child was the River Humber. A boat that my dad used to work on used to berth in Cottingham before return to Bridlington East Summer. I used tomake a point to my Dad that I wanted to go to Cottingham on the boat. Other time was on the cross-sea ferry to Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Nor far from the mouth was the location of a pirate radio station in the 1960's. The River Humber is a North Sea inlet on the east coast of England and one of the major trading estuaries in England. This is due to the fact that it directly faces the North Sea and the Northern parts of Europe such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The Humber Bridge(opened in 1981), spanning the estuary, was constructed chiefly to aid further development. Measuring 4,626 feet (1,410 metres) in length, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world when it was built and remains the longest in the United Kingdom. The River Humber is lined by the major ports of Kingston upon Hull Grimsby and Immingham. Of course the Humber is one of the largest trading ports in England and was once a massive fishing port but since the depletion of the fish stocks in the North Sea and beyong the fishing activity has reduced dramatically since the 1960's and 1970's. Neverthe less it still remains a major trading port for goods and passenger services.

These are just three of the many scenic river systems of England.  There is much more to read about England on my other hubs and other writers on hubpages. Enjoy.

Oxford | Source
City of Bath
City of Bath | Source


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      sisi 6 years ago

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      Lily Musen 6 years ago

      that's lovely!

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      Baby t  7 years ago

      they are the most beatiful places!!!!!!!!!

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      i want to go there it has so much beauty!

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      England is such a beauty!!

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      History has always includes Geography!!!!!!!

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      Norfolk Broads sounds so gr8!

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      Englang is so cool!

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      i love history thats why i am reasrching england.

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      Norfolk Broad lol.

      The Humber is so dirty I iknow

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      beuatiful, I love the images! I have been to Europe but never been to England, thank you for this one! Maita