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Gift Baskets for Men for Father's Day, Birthday, Christmas, Valentine's--DIY or Order Online--Dad Will Love it!

Updated on May 12, 2014

Looking for a perfect gift for Dad or that other special male in your life?

One of the great things about Father's Day, or any holiday, is spending time with your dad, or someone who is just like a dad to you. Or taking the kids to see Grandpa, letting them shower him with their homemade cards and gifts--things he will treasure forever.If you're a crafty person yourself, you probably like to make him something yourself, and Dad will love that you made the effort, no matter what it is!

If you aren't a crafty type, though, there are so many other things he would enjoy getting, and one of those would be a Gift Basket! There are two options for giving these--you can make one yourself, putting together a personalized basket, or whatever container you want, filling it with items you know he loves. It's easy to do, and fun, too! Just add some filler to the bottom of whatever container you choose, such as crumpled cellophane, excelsior, shredded paper, or even the plastic grass you have leftover from Easter baskets. Then fill it up with the gifts you have picked out. Get one of those cellophane, also called cello, gift bags at just about any store, set the basket down inside of it, tie the top closed with a ribbon, and you're done!

Here are just a few ideas, but the possibilities are endless:

Gourmet Chocolate and Nuts--Get Dad his favorite chocolates and/or nuts, then add a few gourmet brands with them. Ghirodelli is a good brand to try---one he's sure to love!

Coffee and Treats--Does your father love coffee, and likes to try different types? Well, buy several different types of the sample packs of coffee that are widely available in stores, add some flavored creamers, too, if he likes them, and throw in some treats that go good with coffee, such as some fresh baked cookies or brownies(from your kitchen or the bakery). For fun, give him a "World's Best Dad" mug, put right in the middle of the coffees and treats--he'll love it!

Dad the Toolman--If Dad has a fascination with anything mechanical, you may want to consider a new tool bag or toolbox filled with the latest gadgets in the tool world. A gift card to his favorite place to buy tools would be perfect, too, stuck right in the middle of his new goodies, because men really DO love to shop sometimes after all!

Fisherman's Delight--If he loves to fish, then here's a different sort of gift basket. Buy a tackle box or creel, and fill it with new lures, hooks, string, a nice new reel, and then add some snacks for him to munch on while he's out fishing and enjoying his new gifts!

Gardener's Surprise--Do you have a Dad with a green thumb? Well, try filling a plastic bucket or seed starter tray with packets of seeds, gardening tools, gloves, or even a gift card to his favorite greenhouse or nursery.

King of the Grill--If you have an outdoor chef to buy for, you could fill up a basket with grilling accessories such as a new set of bar-b-que utensils, a wire basket for veggies or kabobs, a cool apron, grilling spices or meat rubs, or those wonderful wood chips for smoking meats. You could even add a gift card to his favorite grocery for buying his food to grill.

FORE! (the golfing enthusiast)--How about using a bucket that he would carry golf balls in, and fill it up with his favorite brand of golf balls, tees, gloves, score cards, new golf club covers, and even some snacks, in case he gets hungry out there on the golf course!

Musician's Surprise--Depending on the instrument, there are a myriad of ideas for this gift basket. If he's a guitarist, you could include some new picks, strings, a capo, things like that...if he plays something else, just tailor the gifts to what he might need or enjoy! If he writes songs as well as playing them, you could include a nice pen and pencil set, and/or his favorite type of paper or notebook for writing his songs. Or, again, a gift card for his local music store would always be fun!

Traveling Man--Does Dad travel regularly? Consider a high quality toiletries bag filled with his favorite brand of soap, shower gel, or cologne, and maybe a new razor or manicure set...whatever he usually uses on the road. Everytime he uses it, he'll think of you!

Find Gift Baskets for Dad on Amazon

Another option-Order Father's Day Gift Baskets Online!

But if you don't have time to shop, you can easily find pre-made gift baskets online, and there are many different types to choose from, including some similar to what was described above.

As you can see to the right, and below--Amazon offers an assortment of gift baskets that would be a wonderful surprise for Dad! If you don't see one you like, you can click on any of them, and they will take you to Amazon, and you can search for a specific one...just type in fishing gift basket, or grilling gift basket, or whatever type you want!


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