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How to Create the Perfect Gift Basket

Updated on October 29, 2011
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Jeannie has been writing online for over 10 years. She covers a wide variety of topics—hobbies, opinions, dating advice, and more!

Gift Baskets Make Excellent Gifts

This is the time of year when most of us are trying to think of creative gifts for loved ones. Sometimes Christmas shopping for certain people is a major challenge. You may have a friend who has everything. You could also be low on cash and having a tough time finding a nice gift. I would suggest making gift baskets if you need some fun ideas.

Gift baskets are the perfect gift for just about anyone because you can personalize them. If you have a friend that loves candles, you can put a number of candles in the basket, along with some other fun items like favorite foods, candies, shower gels, a small stuffed animal, and more. Also, many people like to receive gift cards for Christmas, yet some people feel guilty about only giving a card in an envelope. Simply include the gift card with a small gift basket and you've solved your problem.

If you are running low on money this year, a gift basket works out well if you start planning in advance. When you see something small your friends or family members might like, you can buy it, then set it aside for their gift baskets. Often, you can find small, thoughtful items at the dollar store, Target, Walmart, and Kmart all throughout the year. The important thing is remembering where you put the items later on. I would suggest keeping a secret box stuffed away in a closet somewhere in your home. When you see something you like (especially if it is on clearance for a great price), purchase the item and then stash it away in the box for later. When you go to create your gift baskets, pull out the box. You may have even forgotten some of the items in the box, so it is almost like Christmas for you, too!

Food Gift Baskets

I am a big believer in the practical food gift basket for loved ones who may need a little extra help during the holidays. The perfect items for food gift baskets are non-perishable items such as: soup, peanut butter, jelly, cereal, cereal bars, granola bars, pasta, pasta sauce, and other forms of canned or boxed food.

When giving something really practical like a food gift basket, it helps if you make it look as festive as possible if you are giving it as a Christmas gift. Make sure to add a chocolate Santa or perhaps a small stuffed snowman. Being cute goes a long way!

The Manly Gift Basket

Yes, you may not think this is possible, but you can give a man a thoughtful gift basket. Men like food, too. And yes, some men do enjoy candles, aftershave, and even shower gels! No, not every guy will admit to it though. It helps to find out what the man in your life really needs and what brands he uses as far as aftershave and type of thing goes. For some reason, many younger men seem to enjoy Axe products now. Considering the price and the popularity of Axe, if you find out a dude in your life likes that brand, just fill up a basket with Axe products. He will probably be very happy.

It never hurts to add some other items he may enjoy, too. Perhaps he would like a DVD or two. If you are feeling really generous, maybe even a video game. Once again, it can be personalized depending on the guy. Age will also play a big part in this, too. Unless Grandpa has specifically stated how much he loves video games, a nice fruit basket is probably a safer bet with him.

The Girly Gift Basket

Let's face it, most women love a cute gift basket. If you are creating a gift basket for that special lady in your life, it also helps to find out what brands and scents she prefers. A nice Christmas gift basket for a woman can easily include: candles, shower gels, perfume, body spray, chocolates, cute stuffed animals, etc. Yes, depending on the person, food might be a very welcome gift. A gift card to her favorite store will surely be appreciated as well.

For men, if you are buying this for a girlfriend or wife, it never hurts to even sneak some jewelry in there. If you are making this gift basket all on your own, you include some of her favorite things, and you put some jewelry in there, you are surely the best boyfriend or husband ever. Something tells me Christmas is going to go really well for you.

As I said before, it really depends on the person. Many women enjoy video games, movies, books, and that type of thing. Those also make great gift basket items. I personally really enjoy cute socks with patterns on them. Many women would be more than happy to see something like that in their gift basket, as well.

Fun with Gift Baskets

Lately, I feel like Christmas has just become too commercial. That is why a sweet, thoughtful gift basket is perfect. It shows you took a lot of time to think about items a person will enjoy. Instead of grabbing one major gift, you are giving many small gifts and it is presented in a really adorable way. What better way to show you really care?

Also, gift baskets are fun and reusable! You can actually put some creativity into Christmas this year. When you give a person a gift basket, maybe they can reuse it next year when they give someone else a gift. It is not really regifting; it is resharing. Isn't that what the holiday season should be all about?

Happy Holidays!


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