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Fist Pump Your Way Through Halloween: Jersey Shore Costumes for 2011

Updated on August 30, 2014
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Jeannie is a huge fan of Halloween and loves everything that is ghoulish. You can often find her reading or writing horror stories.


Jersey Shore Season 4 Costumes

Like a weird rash, the Jersey Shore is an unstoppable force that continues to come back over and over again. Just when you think the Situation, JWoww, Snooki and the crew are gone, they return for another season. If you are not a fan and wish they would just go away, you are not getting your wish anytime soon. While MTV has been airing season 4, the cast was just wrapping up filming season 5. I have no idea what is in store for us for season 5, but for now, it is time to focus on creating the perfect Halloween costume for the current season: Season 4 - Italy.

Yes, the gang is in Italy and working in a pizza parlor. They are still partying, but without any real knowledge of the Italian language. This season features a lot of confusion. However, some things never change. It is still all about GTL (gym, tan, laundry), avoiding grenades at clubs, and fist pumping. So when creating your Halloween costume this year, you are still going to need some of the basics from the past two years, but with a few changes.

What Stays the Same

You still want to load up on bronzer and fake tanner if you are going to pull off the Jersey Shore look. You are going to spray that stuff on until you have a coat of it on your body. Don't forget your face! Wet N Wild makes a really cheap bronzer for your face that works wonders. Sure you might start to feel like you've rolled around in dirt by the end of the day, but that will just make you appreciate your shower at the end of the day even more.

The outfits are pretty much as always. For the guys, you should get some Ed Hardy shirts, a tight t-shirt, or tight wife beaters, and wear some jeans or colorful sweat pants. For the girls, the sleazier the better. Make sure to get a cute, short tight dress with some crazy patterns. If you are not in the mood to go that crazy, you can always wear tight yoga pants, a tank top, and fuzzy slippers. That is a nice casual look for the Jersey Shore girls.

Don't forget to wear your diamond stud earrings if you are a guy or your huge hoop earrings if you are a girl. If you do not have hoop earrings, just find some really big earrings with bright colors and you are set.


New for the Guys

If you are a guy and want to dress like the Situation this year, you are in luck. The Situation inadvertently gave himself a new look this year: the neck brace. During the episode, "And the Wall Won," the Situation manages to knock himself out. Ronnie and the Situation are fighting, and for some reason, the Situation decides to knock his head into a concrete wall. He actually gives himself a mild concussion.

Mike "The Situation" goes to the hospital, where he is given a neck brace. He then proceeds to go home, wear his neck brace, and pretty much get ignored by his roommates. So for your look, wear everything the Situation would ordinarily wear, plus the neck brace. Walk around looking sad, too. You may also want to pick up a pair of red sunglasses so no one can see your tears. You are totally the Situation with that look!

For the Girls

A major difference this year for the Jersey Shore is Deena. We've never had the opportunity to dress like Deena before, so it should be a good time. Her look is similar to Snooki, but without the big hair. Instead, make sure to put a flower in your hair to achieve her look. Once you're decked out like Deena, you can become a blast in a glass, too!

For Snooki, she has taken to wearing bows in her hair this season. Make sure to get a cute bow and wear it on the side of your hair. Since Snooki does not wear the big hair poof as much anymore that made her so famous in the past, you might want to ditch that look, too. You don't want to look like last year's Snooki, do you?

If you've lost a lot of weight recently or you are skinny anyway, you may want to dress like JWoww this year. She's lost a lot of weight for this season. Make sure to wear a cute gym outfit and, if you don't have the big boobs like JWoww, just stuff your bra as far as you can get it to go.

Last year's look - shirt with Gelato shop logo (ignore that my hair was falling down by then)
Last year's look - shirt with Gelato shop logo (ignore that my hair was falling down by then) | Source

Now You're Ready

I hope you've enjoyed the extremely informative hub. It is important to get your Jersey Shore Halloween costume looking as up-to-date as possible. You don't want to wear one of last year's Jersey Shore looks, do you? Of course not! So have fun and fist pump your way through Halloween!

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