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Fourth of July- A Proud and Happy day of Celebration for America!

Updated on July 4, 2013

A Banner of our Flag The American Symbol of Freedom

A banner of our Flag The American Symbol of Freedom
A banner of our Flag The American Symbol of Freedom

The American Flag and our Eagle

The American Flag and our Eagle
The American Flag and our Eagle

Today is Fourth of July

The publication date of this article is July 4th 2013. Today will and probably already has been marked by picnics, parades, and fireworks. All small symbols of Americas pride and joy. It is how we, Americans, celebrate our sacred day, our holiday. It is a holiday which sets us apart from other nations and it is to honor our birth as a united peoples. So, that brings us to the question... besides picnics, parades, and fireworks, what is the meaning of fourth of july?

During this day, some of the true meaning, I believe, is lost. Most do not sit quietly and reflect on the terrible difficulties and obstacles we overcame and still live with today. I don’t think that most people really comprehend the tragedy that had to happen so that the hopes and dreams of a nation could be born and created. The sadness that lies in some peoples hearts so that joy can be born in a new generation of Americans. Let me help you to reflect on these things.

The History of The Fourth of July

It was July 4th (go figure), 1776 on which the Americans began an insurrection against the king. It was thirteen years before, 1763, in which the English put into effect a long list of taxes and policies, unfair and hindering to the economic growth and welfare of the colonies in the Americas. It was without representation that these laws were passed and the American colonies felt violated. They felt controlled and without liberty. They felt like something needed to be done. So quietly, for thirteen years, they worked on a revolution. It wasn’t that they were preparing for a war, but they were preparing the people of the American colonies to become Americans. They were spreading an idea. An idea that you could be independent. An idea that the Americans didn’t need the English and that liberty, rights, basic human rights... could be had for all. It was quite an idea back then. It was a big change. It took thirteen years for the movement to catch on, but it did thankfully. It was after many failed attempts, pathetic attempts, to appeal to the English government that finally our Congress was declared traitorous in 1775. The British troops were deployed to take care of the uprising of American people and were surprisingly met with a force unseen in the Americans before. A resistance from the colonial militia that they hadn’t expected. It was the beginning of the Revolutionary War. A war for Americas independence from Britain. A landmark day in the history of American history. It was a huge step in becoming independent and becoming a nation who could one day celebrate with picnics, parades, and fireworks.

Congress of America

Congress of America
Congress of America

Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence
Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence

It was approximately one year after these events that the 13 colonies of the Americas voted, unanimously might I add, to create and adopt a Declaration of Independence. All of the principles and ideals and laws which had been discussed for so many years were to officially be put down on paper and read aloud to all the people of America as their go given rights and principles. It was a big decision and a right one in my opinion. It also marked the official break form England. The official declaration of Independence for America as an independent nation.

It was another 7 years before the fighting ended. In 1781 America claimed victory and in 1783 the Treaty of Paris was signed and this put into words Englands acceptance of America as an independent nation.

Officially, the Congress voted on July 2nd, however, July 4th, two days later was when America formally and without fear declared to the whole of the planet that they were not anymore to be considered subjects of the British Empire. In other words, everyone in the world would now look at them as an independent nation of American people. It was also that same day that the words of our Declaration of Independence was finalized and figuratively stamped with Congress’s seal of approval.

As a result of this beautiful history, every Fourth of July is not a celebration for a single day, but a celebration and remembrance of 20 years of hard struggle in which we, the American people, broke away from the oppressors who were taking away our god given rights. Our document of freedom, the Declaration of Independence stands strong and proud today as one of the most profound declaration ever written. It stands out in a crowd in other words and is famous because of that.

It is my opinion that one of the most famous lines from the Declaration of Independence is... “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights; that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Unalienable Rights

For me, and most Americans, these are the single most powerful, the most moving and passionate symbols of American History. This is the end goal, the endgame for the Founders of American. They wanted true independence for all and this is what they meant to give to us- Unalienable Rights. Today, they are part of being American, and I don’t think most people take a second glance at them nowadays, but back in 1776 they were a new idea. A new concept that hadn’t yet blossomed into what it is today, especially in other parts of the world. It was absolutely and utterly earth shattering.

America became the world stage, the Broadway play or production highlighting independence and how it could actually work for a nation. Up until this point law was given by the King and freedoms and rights were granted to subjects and could be taken away whenever they wanted. It was a favor that you got from your leader for kissing up to him or her (usually him).

Freedom is the American dream of being equal. It is being unchained by others and having choices in life. It is representative of America and what we believe in as citizens of this great nation. It is rooted in our history from the beginning. It is what we fought for and something that makes us who we are. Being free is a gift that Americans get to have every day. It is the most precious gift the men, women, and children fought for so long ago. It is amazing that we have it today.

Beyonce Performs the National Anthem at the 2013 Inauguration of Barack Obama

The American Flag and Conclusion

Perhaps the very symbol of any country is their flag. In our case the American flag represents everything I have just discussed. It is more than a flag just like Fourth of July is more than just a single day of celebration. Every time we sing our national anthem and salute the flag and every time we look up and see it waving majestically we remember that Old Glory, our Freedom was won and that we can appreciate that everyday in the symbol which is our flag. We pledge loyalty to our government, our people, our fellow citizens, our army, and our flag. It is symbol of hope, power, justice, and it is a symbol of what being American is all about. The power to change a world and make it better. The power to make a difference. That is what you have been given when you are born American. You are given absolute freedom to do what you want in life and to be the person you choose to grow up to be. The American Flag symbolizes this huge gift that we bestow on every person who is born in America. The American Flag represents the American Dream. The battles fought to win that right to live a free life. The liberties which we, as the American People, have won. The love that every man, woman, and child should feel for their country. No matter where you are from. No matter what you look like. No matter who you give your allegiance to... I hope that you can understand how much I, and every other American, love our flag, our country, our nation, our people, etc and I hope that you too feel that same love for your country. Happy 4th of July America and Happy Independence Day to all!

Do you celebrate Independence Day?

Do you celebrate 4th of July?

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    • neilcook profile image

      Neil Cook 4 years ago from United States

      Thank you, it means a lot that you enjoyed my writing. :)

    • KitchenBuyersAid profile image

      Dave Hatton 4 years ago from PA/SC..USA

      very moving and revealing. Thanks...very well written