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Fourth of July Party Games Ideas

Updated on June 19, 2016

The Forth of July, or Independence Day, is a perfect day for a party or family gathering. This article gives some ideas for fun games ideas suited for all ages.

Fourth of July Charades Ideas

The simplicity of charades make it a great game for all ages. The basics of it boil down to: one person must mime out an idea, which everybody else must try to guess.


Red, white and blue

The Star-Spangled Banner
God Bless America
Yankee Doodle
This Land Is Your Land

Thomas Jefferson
George Washington
Benjamin Franklin

American History Quiz

Divide your guests into teams (why not have three teams and call them red, white and blue?), and ask trivia questions from the topic of US history.

Questions could include:

In what year did Columbus sail to America?

Name four of the Founding Fathers.

Which president owned two dogs named Him and Her?

Name five of the original 13 colonies.

Name ten US presidents.


'Substitute' is a game from an Australian TV show called Spicks and Specks. The way it works is the participants are divided into two teams. One person from the team must sing a song, but with the normal words replaced. To give it an American twist, why not use president's speeches?

When choosing the songs, try to go with songs that everybody is likely to know, such as classics or pop songs.

Playing Substitute

Pin the flag on the United States

This is the classic 'pin the tail on the donkey' party game, but with a patriotic twist. Guests take turns being blindfolded and spin around in circles before being guided to a map of the world. They must then attempt to stick a flag Dickie on the United States.

If more than one person manage it, whoever manages to stick the flag closest to the state the party is in wins (for example, if you live in Texas, Texas is the target.)

Celebrity Heads

The way the game celebrity heads works is simple: each person is given a celebrity's name to put on their head or forehead, so that everybody can see it except for the person. The aim if the game is to correctly guess the celebrity on your head.

To do this, everybody sits in a circle, so everyone can see everybody else's celebrities. People take turns asking yes/no answer questions such as

'Is my person a singer?'

'Is my person female?'

'Is my person fictional?

If the answer to a question is yes, the person gets to ask more questions until the answer is no. Then it's the next person's turn.

For the 4th of July, use only American celebrities or well known people, from George Washington to Britney Spears.


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