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Free Printable Cupcake Toppers for Your Party

Updated on June 18, 2012

Cupcakes have become essential at any party and there is no better way to perfect the cupcake than using lovely cupcake toppers. Browse through lots of lovely free printable cupcake toppers for any occasion and find the ones that suit you the best! Keep an eye on this space as new free printable cupcake toppers will be added.

Purple Cupcake Topper
Purple Cupcake Topper
Colorful Cupcake Toppers
Colorful Cupcake Toppers

Basic Free Happy Birthday Cupcake Toppers

Round Purple

Sometimes "Happy Birthday" is enough, especially if your birthday party does not have a specific theme.

First we have some simple and perfect looking purple "Happy Birthday" toppers that will find their place on any cupcake and at any birthday party!

Get the purple Happy Birthday Cupcake Topper Printable PDF

Colorful Cupcake Toppers

Second are the colorful celebration toppers. These are great! You can use any shape cutter you want or you can leave them as they are, square.

Get Colorful Printable Toppers

Both of these designs are pretty cute in my opinion, go with the one that matches your cupcakes best or just use them both. They will add that extra touch to your birthday celebration!

Baby Shower Cupcakes
Baby Shower Cupcakes

Free baby Shower Printable Cupcake Toppers

Baby shower is another event that needs cute looking cupcake toppers.

Boy or a girl, it does not matter, they both deserve a welcoming bash with lots of tasty cupcakes decorated with beautiful toppers, if they are free that is even better!

Get your free printable baby shower cupcake toppers

You will get 3 different printable motives (two are shown on the picture and the third features a pink bird)

Having a monkey party? Free monkey cupcake topper is the one for you!

Monkeys are always fun so having a monkey cupcake topper is naturally equally fun! They are also perfect for baby showers.

Get this printable cupcake topper

Perfect for monkey party (planning one? Read this monkey party guide), jungle themed party, baby showers or just as a fun thing to have at any party.

Free Printable Halloween Cupcake Toppers

Another great event that needs some spooky decorations, even on cupcakes!

12 spookily cute designs are just waiting for you to print them and cut them out! One design better than another made especially for wowing your guests.

Hurry up and get them

4th of July

On of the most important celebrations in the US! offers quite a few lovely 4th of July printable cupcake toppers for free.

Get them now

How to make cupcake toppers?

  • print out any of the cupcake toppers featured on this page, most of them are made to work with a 2" scallop circle punch, some even allow for different shapes.
  • cut them out with a scallop punch. You can naturally try the slow way and use scissors (it will work great with square cupcake toppers but other shapes will take time)
  • glue topper onto the stick (lollipop sticks are great) and pop it onto the cupcake

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