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Monkey Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on April 3, 2013

It is time to start monkeying around with this super fun monkey birthday theme! Browse through some of the ideas on how to decorate, which food to serve, what games and activities to have to entertain both kids and adults and more!


Monkey Birthday Party Food

Bananas! In every shape possible! Serve fresh bananas, banana split, chocolate bananas, milk shake, smoothie, banana bread, cupcakes! Go bananas about bananas! Perfect food for this theme not to mention it is really healthy!


  • monkey face - as you see on the picture these are not hard to make but look really cute
  • monkey cupcake toppers
  • cupcake with a piece of banana on it


  • you can try and make a huge cupcake cake in a shape of a monkey
  • you can turn any round cake into a monkey face cake
  • there are some cool monkey cake pans available
  • edible cake toppers
  • following a simple tutorial make a fantastic Martha Stewart monkey cake

Martha Stewart Monkey Cake
Martha Stewart Monkey Cake | Source

Monkey Birthday Party Decorations

Every good theme party needs good decorations. Creating a jungle set is perfect for this party!

  • make cardboard palm trees or purchase inflatable palm trees
  • use green crepe streamers to make them look like jungle vines
  • monkey balloons
  • bananas
  • cool monkey party supplies will make this theme party even cooler

FREE monkey party printables

As I know free is the best I have searched for some cool printables (cupcake toppers, round decorations, party hats, banners...) that might just help you make this party more budget friendly.

Sabby in Suburbia offers lovely free baby shower printables on her blog, some of them can only be used for a baby shover some will come in handy at any party.

My messy manger has lots of free sock monkey themed printables including cool party hats!

Monkey Party Games and Activities

  • pass the banana - fun activity for adults and kids. Guest need to pass the banana from one to another without hands. All other body parts can be used. You can have a team contest - the team which passes the banana from first person to the last without dropping it is the winning team.
  • pin the banana on the monkey - a variation of pin the tail on the donkey
  • banana search - especially fun for kids. Hide bananas (fake, cardboard or real) around the party place and have the kids search for them
  • banana eating contest - more suitable for adults, if there are hot dog eating contest why not have a twist
  • banana smoothie making - have the kids decide which ingredients should complement this smoothie (they could add chocolate, coconuts, vanilla...)


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