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Free and Inexpensive Mother's Day Gifts II

Updated on December 4, 2010

free Mother's Day gifts - cheap Mother's Day gifts


Mothers work extremely hard for their families, and they deserve Mother’s Day gifts on their special day, along with some gratitude and recognition. If you want to provide your mom with some great Mother’s Day gifts but have little or no money to invest in such presents, consider giving free or cheap Mother’s Day gifts this year.


All of the following suggestions are thoughtful gifts for Mom that she’ll really appreciate. These Mother’s Day gifts will show her that you put a lot of thought into her present, and that will mean much more to her than any amount of money you could have spent!


Free Mother’s Day gifts


For most moms, the gift of time is very important to them. With today’s rushed schedules, you might not be able to spend as much time with your mom as she’d like, so give her some special time spent with you.


Have a special meal for your mother. If you have siblings, get them to join in. You could plan a traditional sit-down meal for the entire family, or you could plan a cookout or buffet. If the weather is nice, as it often is in May, you could have a Mother’s Day picnic in a park or in another natural setting. Just make sure you include Mom’s favorite foods, and don’t allow her to lift a finger. She’ll enjoy having a day off from cooking!


Other great free Mother’s Day gifts are coupon books. My kids have given these to me, and I absolutely loved them! Moms always have a list of chores that need to be done around the house or yard, and if you and your siblings provide some of these services as Mother’s Day gifts, Mom won’t have to hire strangers. Some of the things you might consider including are coupons for house cleaning, washing the car, mowing the lawn, cleaning the flower beds, or grocery shopping. Make the coupons on the computer, print them out, and place them in an attractive card.


One of the best Mother’s Day gifts I’ve ever received was a letter from my youngest daughter. In it, she recalled several memories of her childhood and special things that we had done together. She told me why she thought I was such a great mom, using specific examples. This was an absolutely free Mother’s Day gift, but it meant more to me than just about anything she could have given me. I keep it in a safe place, and every once in a while. I take it out and read it. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!


Another great free Mother’s Day gift from my girls was “given” to me last year. All three daughters, along with all the grandchildren, surprised me at church services on Mother’s Day. None of them attend my church, so it was a real surprise to see them walking in. my heart filled with love and pride to be joined by my family!


If you have the proper tools, you could pamper Mom with a manicure or pedicure. This would make her feel special, and it won’t cost you a dime.


If your mom enjoys playing on the computer but isn’t tech savvy, give her an internet tutorial. Show her how to do some basic navigation, and introduce her to some sites that she’d enjoy. Even better, make her a website! You could put all kinds of photos and memories on the site, and she could visit it whenever she wanted.


Cheap Mother’s Day gifts


If you have some money to spend – but not a lot – consider cheap Mother’s Day gifts. Believe me, Mom won’t mind inexpensive Mother’s Day gifts as long as they’re thoughtful and convey your love and appreciation.


One idea is a family photo album. Find pics of the family and arrange them attractively in a photo album. Make small tags to go beneath each photo, providing the date, the circumstances, and the names of those pictured. For example, such a caption might read something like, “Mom and I on family vacation in Gatlinburg – July 1988.”


If you’re looking for cheap Mother’s Day gifts for one of those hard-to-buy-for moms, consider gift certificates. Just about everyone enjoys going out to eat, so give Mom some certificates to her favorite inexpensive or mid-priced restaurants. At many national chains, you can get a good lunch for under $10.


If your mom is lonely and loves animals, consider getting her a pet. Look at your local animal shelter or rescue group first. Adoption fees usually include vaccines and spaying or neutering. You might want to give mom the necessities to get her started, like a collar, a litter box, a bed, some toys, a feeding dish, and some pet food. Most shelters will allow you to return the pet if it doesn’t work out.


If your mom doesn’t get out much, take her on a “field trip.” Short excursions make wonderful cheap Mother’s Day gifts, and Mom will be getting two gifts in one – spending time with you and getting out of the house. Take her shopping, to a museum or art gallery, to an aquarium, on a tour of homes, or just for a drive in the country.


Be creative and think outside the box!


There are all kinds of free Mother’s Day gifts and cheap Mother’s Day gifts. Just use your imagination! Surprise Mom with something different this year instead of the same old candy and flowers. Show her that she’s special and truly unique by putting some time and effort into her gift. The free or inexpensive Mother’s Day gifts you come up with might turn out to be things she’ll cherish for the rest of her life!




Free Mother's Day gifts and inexpensive Mother's Day gifts are totally do-able!
Free Mother's Day gifts and inexpensive Mother's Day gifts are totally do-able!

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