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Romantic Gifts for That Special Woman in Your Life

Updated on July 21, 2013

Gifts for Her

Looking for romantic gifts? Men are always talking about how hard women are to please when it comes to gifts for her. Most males wrack their brains trying to figure out a romantic gift for their wife or girlfriend. Then, out of frustration, they wind up giving her an impersonal gift like a blender or a new vacuum cleaner. These are certainly useful items, but guys – they’re not romantic, and we sometimes want romantic gifts from you!

What do women want? They want to feel special. They want to know that you find them attractive and sexy. They want a romantic gift that’s personal – one that a friend or family member would probably not give them. They want something they wouldn’t buy for themselves.

If you’re searching for a romantic gift for Christmas, birthday, Valentine's Day, or anniversary, the suggestions below should give you some ideas. And best of all, most, if not all, of these can be purchased online.

Photo Album: Here’s a gift that’s both romantic and inexpensive – a memory album. Start collecting photos of the two of you together, along with other little mementos like ticket stubs, a rose you gave her, a theater program from a show you attended together – anything that shows her that you were thinking of her. Place everything in a nice album. Believe me – she’ll be impressed that you went to this much trouble!

Serenade: Have a musician serenade her with her favorite song. You can have him come to your home, or if you’re going out to dinner, arrange to meet him at the restaurant for the personal performance. If you’re a writer, write a song just for her and have it sung on her special day.

Fragrances: A bottle of her favorite cologne or perfume is always a good idea, but an even better idea is to surprise her with an expensive fragrance that she would never purchase herself. Buy one you like. She most likely wears perfume for you, anyway. Give her something indulgent that she thinks is too expensive!

Personalized Gift: Have something personalized just for her. An old-fashioned locket is a good idea. If you find one that has a place for a small photo, add one of the two of you together. Then have a short endearment engraved on the back of the locket. You could also place a picture of you and her together in a nice silver frame that's been engraved with the date and place of the event. These are thoughtful and romantic gifts that will show how much you care.

A star: Wanna give your sweetheart the moon and the stars? Well, you can’t buy her the moon, but you can have a star named for her. I thought this was a rather corny gift until my son-in-law did it with style. For their anniversary, he gave my daughter a pair of star earrings and a necklace with a star pendant. Then he took her to a secluded spot in the country where he had a telescope and a picnic with wine all set up. He gave her the star certificate and had her view her very own star! Now that's my idea of a romantic gift!

Massage: Just about every woman I know loves a good massage. To make it extra special, schedule a couple’s massage for two. You’ll both leave the spa relaxed and invigorated!

Words: Give her the words she longs to hear. She would adore a poem written just for her, especially if you are the poet. If you’re not good with verse, write her a letter telling her how much she means to you. Really open up – she’s sure to treasure the message forever! This doesn’t have to be anything fancy as long as it’s heartfelt. It could be something as simple as a list: Why I love you.

Time: In this hectic world, few us spend enough time with our special someone. For a great romantic gift, give her the gift of time. If you have kids, schedule a sitter or take the tikes to Grandma’s. Tell her that your all hers for three or four hours, or whatever time frame you can afford. Agree to spend the time doing anything she wants – even if it means going shopping or to a chic flick. Be a good sport and act happy!

Bath Basket: All women enjoy fancy bath fragrances, bath salts, bubble bath, and bath gels. You can often find these in her favorite perfume fragrance. Make the presentation special by making a bubble bath for her, complete with candles and soft music. If the tub is large enough, get in with her! These would definitely qualify as romantic gifts.

Weekend Getaway: If you can swing it, a couple of nights away at a romantic cabin or bed-and-breakfast would be a fantastic romantic gift. Even one night away would be nice – even if it’s in a local hotel. At least she’ll be away from all the everyday stress of kids, home, and job. Leave the cell phone behind!

Dinner: No, not just any dinner – give her a really special night out on the town. Have a limousine pick the two of you up, and have flowers and chilled wine or champagne waiting inside. Take her to a nice restaurant for a gourmet meal, and maybe go dancing afterward.

Jewelry: A nice piece of tasteful jewelry is always in order. The ones with the three stones that symbolize the past, the present, and the future are especially romantic and sentimental.

Lingerie: A tasteful piece of lingerie can be very romantic and make your significant other feel sexy and desirable. Be careful though – anything too outlandish, and she might view it as a gift more for you than for her! Romantic gifts of classy yet sexy lingerie reminds her of the fact that you think she's still sexy.


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    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 8 years ago from Georgia

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

    • profile image

      best gifts 8 years ago

      habee, thank you for such a great list, I like "time" and "words" the best, you don't often see them in collections like this!