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Futuristic Mother's Day Gifts

Updated on May 6, 2011

With Mothers’ Day coming, people are probably scrambling in stores to get great gifts for Mom. Some people are traditional and choose to buy flowers and cards. However, there are some who can go the extra mile to get Mom that neat new kitchen gadget she’s always wanted.

Innovations are happening by the minute, and the best way to know if a new product is practical is to assess how well it can fit into your lifestyle. That’s what I was thinking when I decided to browse the web for cool concept gadgets as gifts for Mother’s day.

I did find a lot of interesting knickknacks that I wanted to put in my own wish list. Well, because they were concept products, that means we can only dream about buying them – for now. Pretty soon, these innovative and creative ideas may be a reality, and moms all over the world can enjoy them in their own homes.

Here are some nifty kitchenware ideas I found:

Twin One Concept

As a play on words, the title does sound like the phrase, “two in one.” It’s designed by Adrian and Jeremy Wright for kitchen product company Lekue. Imagine having a fork and knife that can join forces to become a handy pair of chopsticks! These are excellent serving buddies for people who love to enjoy their noodles and sushi.

Slurp Mug

I love my coffee in a huge mug, but lifting up a heavy mug with a small handle can be a challenge. This is especially when you don’t want to burn your lips when you miscalculate your mug’s angle of tilt. This Slurp Mug design by DEDE DextrousDesign (hey, they sound like two cartoon characters from my childhood) answers that dilemma. The ladle-like handle makes coffee drinking a pleasure!

I also found other cool concepts for kitchen gadgets that I will definitely be watching out for. Take for instance the Biopolymer refrigerator that suspends your food in a gel, or the microwave lamp that lights up your kitchen and heats food at the same time. Check them out here!


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