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Gift Ideas For Your Boss or Supervisor

Updated on July 8, 2016

Not everyone shops for gifts for their boss or supervisor but a lot of people do. Everyone enjoys receiving a gift and your boss in no exception. Depending on your budget, it's always a nice gesture to offer a gift during Christmas, birthdays, and other special occasions.

Shopping for presents is a lot easier when you know exactly what the receiver likes. However, there are some gift ideas that work for just about anybody and are great when you don't know the person's personal interests.

This list features gift ideas for your boss or supervisor that are suitable for any occasion.

Decorative Collectibles

Decorative Collectibles is a huge category that includes a lot of items. While walking through a shopping mall or a row of stores you will likely encounter thousands of options. Many people are very particular in their tastes and not all decorative collectibles are suited for everyone.

There are many items, however, that are great for gift giving and will likely be enjoyed by most people that receive them. As long as you stick to the more generic items and not shop for items that require specific tastes to enjoy, it is highly likely that your receiver will enjoy the present you select.

Decorative collectibles make excellent gifts because they can appear to be more thoughtful and personal than many other common gifts.

Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers make great gifts for just about any occasion. They can also range in price from just a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Keep in mind that plants and flowers are living things and may end up dying eventually. Flowers in particular do not have a long lifespan once cut. However, your boss can choose to bring them home or display them in the office for everyone to enjoy.

Plants are a great gift idea because they are pretty much liked by everyone. Again, your boss can choose to bring the plant home or display it in the office for everyone to see. You can also add to your gift by selecting a decorative pot for your plant.

Edible Goodies

Edible Goodies make an excellent gift and they can be found just about anywhere at any time. There are a variety of places that offer gourmet treats or gift baskets specifically for gift giving. Common types of edible goodies that are given as presents include gourmet cookies and candies, meat and cheese gift baskets and boxes, and jam trays.

Show or Event Tickets

Show or event tickets are not quite as common as many other gifts so they make for unique presents. Prices for show and event tickets vary drastically. The tickets you look for will greatly depend on your budget.

You can purchase tickets for specific dates and specific shows but it's definitely best to ensure that the receiver of your gift will be able to attend.

You can also purchase tickets that are redeemable on a variety of dates or for different shows. These can include movie passes that are good for a specific theater but no particular show, or a number of other shows and events in which your boss can choose the date and show he or she would like to attend.

Pen and Paper Writing Set

Pen and paper writing sets make excellent presents because people don't always purchase them for themselves. However, it is always great to receive a fancy pen or writing set as a gift. You can even get sets that are personalized. A pen and writing set with your company's logo or your bosses initials on it would be sure to make your boss happy.

Coffee Shop Gift Cards

Coffee shop gift cards are good gifts if you know that your boss or supervisor is a coffee drinker. Particularly if you know what their favorite coffee shop is. If you like, you can grab a mug, pack of nuts or candy, or other item from the coffee shop to give along with your gift card.

Souvenirs and Items From a Trip

Souvenirs and items brought back from a recent trip can make great gifts. They're typically items that cannot be found or bought locally and they can be really neat. These can include anything from simple keychains or magnets to t-shirts, pictures, or decorative items.

Sports Team Items

If you know what your boss or supervisor's favorite sports team is, you can attempt to find them gifts related to the team. Sports team items can include decorative items, clothing, game tickets, baked goods that display the team's logo, and even wrapping paper.

If you aren't able to find these types of items in a store, try shopping online. Your can find just about anything your looking for from places like Amazon and Ebay.

Personalized Items

Personalized Items make great gifts for anybody. There are a ton of items that you can have personalized. you can even find items that already contain names on them.

Some items that are commonly personalized are pens and writing sets, coffee mugs, towels and linens, and key chains. Many shopping malls have stores and outlets that will engrave items for you or print pictures and logos onto things. You can also order items online from various locations that offer personalized gifts.

If you're shopping for Christmas, a common item to have personalized is an ornament. You can have a Christmas ornament personalized with your company's logo.

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