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Gift Ideas For Your Valentine

Updated on February 9, 2015

Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love and many people like to show their love by giving a gift to their partner. Flowers are a pretty popular gift item, but there are other gifts that you can give to your Valentine as well. Here are a few gift ideas.


If you would like to do something where you have to put in some time and effort for your partner, then buying a fill in the blank book could be a nice gift. A book with questions about your partner that allows you to fill in the answers is a good way to show your love and appreciation. One such book, which can be found on or Barnes & Noble is called, What I Love About You. The book asks several questions about your partner that you will have to fill out. This can be a real keepsake item that your partner can treasure and look back on over the years.

Creating a scrapbook of pictures of the two of you together could also make a nice keepsake gift. You could add add words and sayings to the book and put captions under the pictures.


You could buy a gift certificate to a spa where the recipient can receive different services such as a massage, facial or pedicure. This type of gift can provide a relaxing experience for your partner and your partner can enjoy being pampered for a day.


A bottle of your partner's favorite wine or champagne is a gift idea for those who drink alcoholic beverages. You may want to add a box of their favorite candy or another sweet treat to go with it.


Does your partner like different types of candy? You could purchase a bunch of your partner's favorite candies and chocolates in mini sizes and combine them all in a clear plastic bag or other type of decorative bag. Then tie the top of the bag with a red ribbon. Some websites, such as, have an option where you can fill a bag with numerous different candies and give it as a gift. There are all types of candies on this website from different decades and time periods that might bring back some nostalgia as well.


Baking for your partner is a nice treat made from the heart. You may want to bake your partner's favorite dessert, such as brownies, cookies or cupcakes. You could decorate the baked goods with hearts or red frosting. This would be a sweet way to show your love.

Cooking your partner's favorite meal or buying take out food that they enjoy is also a nice idea. Some restaurants might be crowded on Valentine's Day and this would be a good way to enjoy a meal and each others' company in privacy. You might want to create a romantic atmosphere by dimming the lights and lighting candles.


Taking your partner away for a night or two could be a nice getaway gift. Pay for a small trip and book a hotel room at a place that you know your partner would enjoy. You could plan an itinerary of special activities to do together while you are away, such as going to a comedy show, spa and dining at a fine restaurant. You may just want to spend the time relaxing in each others' arms away from home.


If you would like to put something in your partner's Valentine's Day card, then scratch off lottery tickets might be a good idea. Sometimes there are lottery tickets available that are decorated in holiday themes, such as hearts, for Valentine's Day.


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