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Gift Ideas for Doctors

Updated on April 8, 2015

Gift Ideas for Doctors

Planning to give a doctor a gift? Whether it be a gift of thanks, apology, or celebration; a gift should always be special. If the doctor you are going to give the present to is a member of your family, then the gift should at least be a little more special than the gift you normally offer. Here, you will find some nice gifts to help keep the doctor happy.

Personalized gifts are always special. Gifts like personalized pen, personalized cake, personalized card, and many more personalized items hold a special place in the receiver’s heart because of the time and effort spent on them. These gift items would require a person some dedicated amount of time just to complete and deliver the item like the giver wanted it to be. Personalized gifts are also cheaper than the gifts you buy in stores. So, if you are a person of free time, then you can certainly opt to give the doctor a personalized gift item.

If you do not have much free time in your hand but still wanted to give the best gift you could ever give the doctor, then might as well try to buy or order an item from a store and have it delivered gift wrapped already. This will save you time and effort but will cost those extra dollars. So, if you are one of these always on the go persons, here is a list of some of the items you might want to give a doctor.


Office Gifts

Office Depot® Brand Plastic Magazine Files

We know for a fact that a doctor’s desk is littered with many kinds of papers: magazines, newspapers, medical books, and medicine pamphlets. If you notice that the doctor’s desk is littered with all these things, you can give him a file organizer. This plastic organizer will help keep the doctor’s desk uncluttered and professional looking. If you are interested in this, get this item for only $7.69 USD.

Medical Paperweight

No one should underestimate the power of a paperweight, especially not doctors. This heavy and sophisticated desktop accessory will help a doctor keep his diagnosis forms from zooming all over his clinic. With this paperweight, a doctor can keep his clinic papers in order, look professional, and at the same time look stylish. Cut in a bevel style, the Medical Paperweight is a beautiful accessory for it has a Caduceus symbol in solid brass in the middle of a green marble. Get this heavy for a paper object at only $29.00 USD.

COACH 6x8 Day Planner Patent Leather 60686 NWT

It is hard for a doctor to keep track with all the dates and times of his appointments especially if the doctor has an unending list of appointments. So, if you are going to buy a gift for a doctor, might as well go for a day planner/organizer. This will immensely improve the time keeping abilities of the doctor in order for him not to miss any important appointments. If you like this portable planner, you can buy one for a doctor for around $50.00 USD.

GOJO PROVON® Medicated Lotion with Triclosan

Doctors are most of the time in contact with bacteria and germs. You would not want that doctor to bring with him these harmful microscopic living things into your home. Next time you are buying a gift for a doctor, consider buying him a set of this medicated lotion. He can use it after every patient or after every day he had in his clinic. This 0.3% triclosan containing lotion will remove all of those unwanted living things while at the same time keeping the skin of your doctor silky smooth and soft to touch for only $104.54 USD a set.

Pelikan 250 Translucent Pen

Yes, this is a simple fountain pen. However, doctors always use pens to write all their prescriptions to their patients. So why not give him a professional looking, nice writing, yet stylish fountain pen. This will not only give him a professional look, but it will impress his patients also for this pen does have a very good ink output. However, this pen might cost you a little bit more fortune than other pens. At a staggering cost of $135.00 USD, you can now give it to someone. So, if you have more extra cash to spend, spend it on a useful fountain pen.



Micahel Kors Acrylic Black Watch

                In addition to the day planner that you will give, this wrist watch will also help your doctor keep track of his time. Composed of an acrylic bracelet strap, stainless steel back, and a face of silver accents; this watch will certainly give an aura of style to any doctor. Give this as a gift to a doctor for only $180.00 USD.

David King Leather Luggage Deluxe Weekend Duffel

                A doctor may need one or many duffel bags. So, take this opportunity and give him this stylish leather duffel bag as a gift. Made out of soft yet rich Vacquetta leather, this duffel bag can contain all those medical garments and accessories that he may want to bring with him. Moreover, this bag contains interior pockets for safe-keeping those precious and valuable items that he has. Give this super stylish yet useful duffel for only $210.00 USD.

                Another gift that you can give to a busy and stressed doctor is a nice family outing or vacation. A day away from his clinic will help him rejuvenate his mind and body, so that next time he treats a patient, he is more relaxed and stress-free. Furthermore, with his busy lifestyle, this will serve as a chance for you to strengthen that family spirit that may have been weakened by hectic schedules.

                Surely, there are many gift items to choose from when buying a gift for a doctor. Personalized or not, a gift from the heart and is chosen with care and love is certainly a gift well appreciated by the recipient. The items given here were just a fraction of what you can find, create, and give to your beloved doctor.

Scrubs Janitor's Gift to Blonde Doctor


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    • profile image

      Gary Neal 

      7 years ago

      Thanks for the post shai77. We've had a doctor that has been doing so much for my mom and her cancer, and we wanted to get him some nice gifts for doctors because of all the help he's given our family. Thanks for the great ideas.

    • shai77 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thanks Soaps :-)

      Happy to see you here.


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