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90 Gift Ideas for Exercise Enthusiasts

Updated on August 27, 2011

Are you looking for a gift idea for someone who exercises regularly? Whether the friend or loved one you are shopping for is someone who exercises as part of an overall health and well-being program, is trying to lose weight, or is a true fitness enthusiast, there are plenty of great gift ideas – in a variety of price ranges – for you to consider.

90 Gift Ideas for People Who Exercise

Shopping for people who participate in exercise activities shouldn't be difficult, with so many different and relevant products available. Here are 90 gift ideas to consider for the people on your shopping list who exercise. Be sure, of course, to consider their preferences and space limitations, as well as the types of exercise gear and equipment they already own.

1. Ab straps

2. Abdominal trainer

3. Aerobics DVD set

4. Arm weight set

5. Athletic shoe store gift certificate

6. Athletic socks

7. Balance ball

8. Balance trainer

9. Body Works Band

10. Combination padlock

11. Doorway pull-up bar

12. Dumbbell set

13. Elliptical trainer

14. Energy drinks

15. Exercise ball

16. Exercise bands

17. Exercise bicycle

18. Exercise mat

19. Exercise step

20. Fitness bench

21. Fitness system DVD set

22. Free weights

23. Gazelle Edge

24. Gym bag

25. Gym membership

26. Gym towel set

27. Health food store gift certificate

28. Home gym

29. Hula hoop

30. iPod

31. iTunes gift certificate

32. Laptop holder for treadmills

33. Leg weight set

34. Massage therapy gift certificate

35. Medicine Ball set

36. Mini trampoline

37. MP3 Player

38. Over-the-door gym system

39. Pedal exerciser

40. Pedometer

41. Pilates ball

42. Pilates DVD set

43. Portable Pilates set

44. Portable stepper

45. Power Wheel

46. Protein bars

47. Protein powder

48. Protein shakes

49. Recumbent bicycle

50. Resistance band set

51. Rowing machine

52. Running pants

53. Running shorts

54. Shake weight dumbbell

55. Spill-proof water bottle

56. Sports bra

57. Sports clothing store gift certificate

58. Sports equipment store gift certificate

59. Stability ball

60. Stair stepper/climber

61. Subscription to Fitness magazine

62. Subscription to Men’s Fitness magazine

63. Subscription to Men’s Health magazine

64. Subscription to Prevention magazine

65. Subscription to Runner’s World magazine

66. Subscription to Running Times magazine

67. Subscription to Self magazine

68. Subscription to Shape magazine

69. Subscription to Women’s Health magazine

70. Subscription to Yoga Journal magazine

71. Sweat suit

72. Thigh toner

73. Treadmill

74. Treadmill book holder

75. Twist board

76. Vitamins

77. Walking vest

78. Walking workout DVD set

79. Watch that monitors heart rate

80. Weight bench

81. Weight lifting gloves

82. Weighted bar

83. Workout shirts

84. Workout timer

85. Yoga blocks

86. Yoga DVD set

87. Yoga mat

88. Yoga pants

89. Yoga socks

90. Zumba DVD set

Ready to Go Shopping?

Now that you have a long list of gift ideas for people who exercise, it’s time to go shopping. Of course, this list isn’t all inclusive – but it’s certainly sufficient to get you thinking about the preferences of the person you are shopping for! If you come up with something that’s not listed here, feel free to share your suggestion(s) in the comments section below.


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    VENZKHVAM 6 years ago from Milk way galaxy, trying to find a more adventurous place in another galaxy with my great followers

    Dear Mgwhite,

    I should say had really done a wonderful job of putting in line the list of items to be gifted to your loved ones and exercise freaks.

    To be frank with you many of the items are really hearing for the first time. you really deserve nice applause putting upo this hub.

    I would really appreciate if you use a one liner against each and every items so that for a lay man also it become easy to identify which one he needs to use. that will really give an immediate lift to your hub.

    I appreciate you time take to put this hub in our hubpages. People like you are the one who really increase the standard of hub pages.

    I wish you all the best and success.VOTED UP