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Gift Ideas for Knitters

Updated on January 7, 2015

Gift Ideas for Knitters

Knitting has been a favorite past time of many people, mostly women, throughout the world. If you happen to have a friend, relative, or office mate who is a knitter and has a special event coming up, you might as well give her some nice gifts suitable for knitters.

There is a wide array of gift choices for knitters that you can select from. The gift ideas for knitters range from simple knitting needles, to expensive knitting sets. However, gift items which are directly related to knitting are not the only nice options to choose. You must know that knitters use their hands often to knit beautiful masterpieces, so, any hand caring gift item can be a very good gift idea for knitters. Here, you will have some of the nicest things which you can give to a passionate knitter in her special day. The gift items presented here are only a fraction of what can be seen and picked from the market. So, let us go ahead and start.

Knitters Love Knitting Presents


Knitting Books and Magazines

Knitters would love to know and learn some more knitting patterns, designs, and anything related to the art of knitting. So, you can give her a helpful and insightful book on knitting. She can read this book while she is knitting or when she has a free time. Knitting books offer some interesting and complex knitting patterns that would yield beautiful results. You can also buy a 1 year subscription to some of your local knitting magazines. These knitting magazines are a good supplement to knitting books. Moreover, knitting magazines will feature the latest news and knitting tools currently available in an attractive and creative way. The cost of this gift idea might go around a hundred dollars or so depending on the cost of the magazine subscription and the book price. Nevertheless, the knitter who will be receiving this will surely be able to put it into good use. One good book for knitters is the “Knitwear Design Workshop: The Comprehensive Guide to Handknits” by Shirley Paden at $40.00 USD.

Ergonomic Crochet Hook Set

Of course, as a knitter, she must already have a crochet hook set. But, an extra new one would not hurt, right? Plus, this is a great gift idea for knitters. That is because knitters need crochet hooks which are comfortable to use and would not cause so much pain when used in a prolonged period of time. The ergonomic crochet hook set has 6 interchangeable heads in en egg-shaped handle. The heads are in 1.25 mm, 1.75 mm, 2.25 mm, 3.5 mm, 5.0 mm, and 6.0 mm sizes. The shape of the handle is designed to be such in order to fit properly the curve of the palm for a much better fit and comfortable use. The traditional crochet hooks with the regular handle would cause your hands pain if used in longer periods. However, this crochet hook set will relieve your hands of that stress. Get this now for only $24.00 USD.

The Needle Master

With the high demand of knitting for needles, this gift idea can be the best thing to give a knitter. Packed with needles of sizes from 2 to 15, this zippered needle case would come out as a handy one. It holds both circular and straight needles in various cable lengths. This innovative needle case would be a good addition to her knitting tools and is ideal for use when travelling or going out of town. However, just to make sure that the Needlemaster would fall into actual usage, try to observe and ask her how many needle cases she already has. If she has too many already, then do not buy her another one. Find another gift item listed here instead. But, if she still has room for another one and you would still want to give this wonderful gift item as a gift, you surely can at the price of $90.00 USD.

Burt’s Bees Farmer’s Friend Hand Salve

When you use your hand too much, not only pain would ensure but also terrible skin dryness. Especially for knitters who use their hand too much, this 3 oz hand treatment cream is a saviour. Made out of botanical oils, herbs, and beeswax, the Burt’s Bees Farmer’s Friend Hand Salve is simply one of the best and most intensive hand treatment creams today. The cream would moisturize those rough and hard working hand of hers so that even though she is knitting intensely, her hand would still be as smooth as a baby’s. This is because the ingredient used in this cream will not only moisturize the skin, but also will leave it smooth and nice to touch. Add this to your gift item list already for this will only cost you around $8.99 USD per container.

Stress Relief Gloves for Knitters

With the constant and tedious knitting, the hand may be exposed to such extreme stress. Too much hand stress may lead to unfavourable results. Sometimes, hand stress will cause the hands to shake and sometimes fill stiff and difficult to move. This is extremely frustrating for knitters who use their hands so much. So, in order to relieve the hands of the stress knitting puts it through, buy her a stress relief gloves. She can wear this glove while knitting because it will not restrict hand movements. Moreover, it is lightweight and will provide extreme comfort to key areas in both the hands and the wrists. This stress relief glove is made out of spandex fabric woven to keep the blood circulation good and the harm in comfortable warmth. This stress-free gift item can be yours or hers now for only $14.99 USD.

Gift items for knitters are mostly concentrated on their hands. This is because their hands are what they use to weave artistic creations. However, you can still purchase any gift item that you think would be a good fit to her personality. These gift ideas are presented to help you decide on what items to buy or make.



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    • shai77 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thanks Sherrylou for visiting :-)

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      7 years ago from Riverside

      I love to knit!


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