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Gift Ideas for Gamers

Updated on March 13, 2015

Gift Ideas For Gamers

Gift Ideas For Gamers
Gift Ideas For Gamers

Gift Ideas for Gamers

Having trouble finding a gift for your gamer son? Well, worry no more for this article will provide a list of some of the greatest gifts a gamer can ever ask for.

Gamers usually have their own gaming devices already, so what can you still give them? You can buy them an upgrade of their gaming machine or buy them a gaming device which he still does not have. Just remember that when buying gift items for gamers, it is important to check the quality and durability of the device. So, let us get started with the list.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is a blockbuster gift item for it features a fun game environment and a good storyline to follow. This game can be played on any Nintendo Wii device so it would be more fun and adventurous. Travel through the land of Hyrule, explore unknown territories and dark lands, fight off enemies with your sharp sword while riding a horse, and enjoy the fun scenes with your character riding a horse. This new revamped Zelda game incorporates the old characters with new faces and adventures so that this game is made even more plausible for a Nintendo Wii game. Buy this game now starting at $46.99 USD.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard

Gamers would always be keyboard intensive users. Sometimes when they get too carried away with getting the first blood or firing at their enemies, they jam up and push their keyboards to the limit. That is why gaming keyboards are invented. It just so happen that Logitech makes some of the most popular, affordable, durable, crazy fun, and feature packed gaming keyboards! This nifty little device features an LCD display which can be folded to avoid dust from accumulating on its surface when not in use. The screen will show you what server your friends are using in their plays. The keys in the keyboard have backlights so gaming under dark environments is not a problem at all. The gaming keyboard also features programmable G keys which can be used to execute complex macros to save you time in pressing different keys in different combinations. All in all, this keyboard allows you 54 macros per game. Mouse, headset, and other cords can also be attached on the keyboard via its underside ports. This gamers’ delight is only for $81.75 USD, so you can get one of this for your special someone now.

Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard

Nintendo DS Lite

The DS stands for Dual Screen so this means that this small and handy device has two screens to boot. This nifty device boasts of voice controlled games and an actual touch screen where you can type in messages to send to other DS Lite users over WiFi. It is a good gift for gamers simply because it packs enough power and gaming capabilities in a small, portable gaming device. It is a sure fired hit gift because gamers would still love to play fun (sometimes frustrating when beaten) games even when in school, a mall, a park, an office, or even inside a train travelling. This is a wonderful gift for only $195.00 USD.

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii offers not only fun for the gamer but also a whole lot more. You can choose from a wide variety of games including hardcore mature games to cute and fun family games. Experience the fun of actually trying and mimicking the actions of a boxer to defeat the enemy! This gift idea might not be good for many families because they might already have one of these hot items. However, if you still do not have one, it is high time for you to give this as a gift to your gamer son. Buy this hot stuff now on online stores and retail stores for only $199.00 USD.

Sony PSP Go

The older brother of the more famous Sony Playstation Portable, the Sony PSP Go sports the same features but offers improves performance, additional features, better ergonomics, and a good style. Gaming on the go is what this little baby offers gamers. Moreover, connecting to the Internet via Wifi is also possible. Watching movies, storing pictures, and listening to music are also what the Sony PSP Go offers people, so when you get frustrated at getting constantly beaten by its severe and tricky games, you can relax yourself and drown into your own multimedia world. Gamers would not have to suffer from withdrawal due to not playing a game when in school or any other place than his house because the Sony PSP Go would let them play anywhere, anytime. Give this as a precious gift to gamers now for only $249.00 USD.

Sony Playstation 3

Boasting a slim design, better features, and enhanced gameplay experience at a reduced price, the Sony Playstation 3 is a gift item to boot. Playstation is a name which has always been reckoned and respected in the gaming industry. Moreover, you can include in your gift set the game titles like Heavy Rain, The Beatles: Rock Band, and the God of Way Collection. Giving your special gamer the newest edition would surely make his day. Get one of these game consoles now for only $299.00 USD.

Microsoft Xbox 360

Online gaming is always a dream haven for many gamers. This is why giving an Xbox 360 as a gift to a gamer is priceless. This gaming device from Microsoft allows players to interact with other players throughout the world via the Internet. Moreover, it lets them play and compete with competent and hardcore players all over the world for the ultimate gaming experience. Having a nice catalogue of games available for you, any gamer would be lost and would have no problem finding a new game to beat. Starting at $299.00 USD, you can now make the day of any gamer.

Gaming devices, game titles, and gaming accessories are sure hits when it comes to gift ideas for gamers. However, just make sure that you have enough budget to buy these not quite affordable gift items.

Great Gift Idea:


Not Just Games

Gamers can't live on games alone-- they might have everything they need as far as gaming equipment and favorite games to play. So what can you do? How about getting them some cool apparel that reflects their interest, such as t-shirts, jackets and hats that feature their favorite game logo.

Gaming accessories like jewelry can also bring a big smile to a gamer's face-- that way, everywhere they go they can show off their love of gaming.



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