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Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

Updated on September 9, 2019
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Lynn is a mother of two always looking to save a few dollars and constantly researching new ways to improve her and her families lifestyle.

When the Toy Phase is Over

Oh, to go back to the easy days, when the gift ideas were endless and a doll would have sufficed.

You could walk into any toy store and know that you would walk out with something they would love.

The days of making lists and TV commercials providing us with all the latest must haves are over.

The toy phase, phased out and now it gets a little harder to buy the teenage girl a gift.

Gift Ideas are More Difficult

Of course, money or clothes will always work but it usually doesn’t get the same reaction.

Why do we lack ideas for gifts.

  • Is it because kids today have more technology that they don't want the little things?
  • Is it that they mature faster?
  • Do they already have everything we can think of ?

I say all of the above, and it‘s not just me, my family and friends were at a loss as well.

Birthdays were turning into just exchanging a card with money in it or clothes. My daughters' excitement seemed to have dropped knowing we would be standing in line exchanging or returning sweaters.

With some luck, I was able to grab some gifts that not only my daughter liked but others we bought for enjoyed as well.

What Age Did They Lose Interest in Toys?

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Gift Cards

I know what your thinking this is just like cash, but wait it’s not.

When you give a gift card, you at least thought of something or someplace they like.

If you don’t want to give them a store gift card, give them an experience (i.e Mystery Room, Movies, Paint Nite ) that they may enjoy doing.

This will give them the freedom to pick what they want or have some fun out with friends.

Spa Items

What girl doesn't want to get pampered?

Create a basket with bath bombs, eye mask, slippers and a facial treatment to make her feel as if she is at the spa.

You can also throw in a few healthy snacks or fancy bottles of sparkling water.

Bullet Journal Supplies

Most teenage girls love to write or create a space where they can plan for their future, write down their thoughts or daily rituals or maybe just their weekend plans.

There are extensive tutorials on Pinterest on how to create a Bullet Journal.

Some great supplies you can give are a Hard covered Journal, different colored pens, glitter pens, washi tape, stickers, and fun stencils.

Concert Tickets

Why not give them tickets to see their favorite band if they're coming to the area. This was my daughters favorite for Christmas last year. Her aunt purchased her a pair of Concert Tickets and a tour shirt.

This gave her something to look forward to and something that was given with great thought.


I know some may classify this as a toy but seriously they are fun for all ages.

Check out your board game aisle,there are a lot of games now that are aimed at young adults. I have listed a few that my 16 year old and her friends enjoy.

  • 5 Second Rule
  • Codenames
  • Cards Against Humanity (watch the age)
  • Family Fued
  • Say Anything
  • Bounce Off
  • Heads Up

These are just a few suggestions and all can be found at local stores in your area.

It’s the Thought that Counts

The most important thing to remember is that it’s the thought that counts. Give a gift that fits into your budget that you think they will enjoy.

Most importantly, keep their interests in mind and stay in the age range. Make it personal and show that you put some effort and thought into it. What you wanted when you were a teenage girl is a lot different from what they want.


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