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5 Inexpensive and Creative Christmas Gift-Wrapping Ideas

Updated on December 9, 2014

The biggest challenge for the Christmas season is shopping for gifts. But for most people, wrapping presents can be just as intimidating.

To avoid getting all stressed-out, consider these tips for a hassle-free gift-giving holidays.

All-year wraps

Forget those Christmas-themed wraps you see everywhere nowadays. Not only do these limit usage within the season, they can be terribly common as well. Hence, opt for the solid-colored wraps in red, green, gold, or silver and accentuate with a simple bow or twine for a classy look. For small presents, construction paper in various colors may be used.


Be creative yet practical

Old maps, old newspapers, sheet music and road atlases can actually be nice gift wraps. Add a bright-colored bow and a handmade gift tag for a “personal” touch.

Pillow cases

Since kids do not really check on how well their gifts are wrapped, don’t spend too much time (and money!) on something that they are likely to just tear off and throw. Instead, consider putting their gifts in something they can use afterwards. Pillowcases printed with their favorite characters will not only make good gift wraps but will serve as brilliant second gifts as well.

Plain brown gift wraps to stamp on kids' designs

And because kids are most excited about Christmas than anyone else, this is a nice opportunity to ask them to help with the holiday chores. Try using plain brown gift wraps and ask your kids to stamp or doodle stars, trees, angels, and other relevant designs on the wrap. You can even entice them to express their creativity by letting them draw swirls and other designs using different art craft materials.


Baskets and paper bags

While gift wraps are supposed to increase the anticipation of the receiver, wraps also make presents more attractive. Since gift-giving is a surprise all by itself, you don’t really need to hide your present.

If you have baskets at home, these can make good gift containers. Use shredded paper to fill out the baskets and add pretty bow to complete the look.

For those oddly shaped presents, paper bags are still the easiest and the most inexpensive choice of wrapping.



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  • beth811 profile image

    beth811 8 years ago from Pearl of the Orient Seas

    Thanks, Ambition.

  • Ambition398 profile image

    Ambition398 8 years ago

    Such cute ideas!