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Gift Ideas for 4 Year Old Girls

Updated on May 19, 2014

What to get a four year old girl?

Four year girls are pretty special. They're big enough that they understand the concept of presents, but still small enough that they are happy with traditional, not necessarily expensive gifts liked stuffed animals.

Types of gift ideas I considered for a 4 year old girl

  • Something we could do together like a puzzle, book, sporting equipment
  • Something that will stimulate her mind like blocks and art supplies
  • Something she needs like a warm jacket
  • Something sentimental like a chain or bracelet
  • Something she really wants

We have been running polls for several years now, and it's definitive that arts and crafts are the favorite gift for little girls.

Idea #1 Caterpillar Butterfly Set

The Caterpillar Butterfly set is an educational toy that my daughter seems to be really into. This is a net-like cage where kids can watch a caterpillar transform to a butterfly. My daughter is very excited to get the caterpillars so she can play with the butterflies.

Also, many kidergarten classes will do lessons on caterpillars and butterflies, so this gift may help prepare them for school.

Idea #2 Doll and Stoller

For my daughter she is into being a mom. She was thrilled with a doll that came with a stroller. She talked and talked about her baby and pushed it around until she went to bed and started again as soon as she woke up. Then she started planning her day so that my wife could push her baby sister and she could push her baby down to the local coffee shop to get hot chocolate.

Idea #3, A Kids Doctor Kit and Scrubs

My four year old loves her doctors kit and scrubs. The kit comes with all sorts of plastic instruments. Her favorite is the little hammer to test reflexes:) She also loves to dress up in her kids scrubs and play doctor.

Dressing up is a great activity for little girls. They can do it for hours. The doctor dress up outfits are popular, but so are others like princess dresses.

Idea #4, a Warm Jacket

Four year old girls are growing quickly and often have things they need. Practical gifts are a good way to get them a gift and something they need at the same time.

Obermeyer makes some great winter jackets for little girls. One of the really cool things about these jackets, is they are designed in a way that allows them to be extended a size or two, so the jacket will last more than one season.

Idea #5, Girls Golf Clubs

At four years old, most girls probably aren't that interested in golf, but one of the best ideas for a gift is something girls and their dads can do together. Golf sets for little kids come with a few clubs like a putter, driver and an iron.

The little girl might not love the gift, but if their father takes them to the driving range to hit their new clubs and gets them a snicker and Gatorade as a treat, they will likely turn their daughters into golf fans for life and have a fantastic activity to do together.

Magna tiles are a great gift for young kids

Gift Ideas for four year old girls, Magna Tiles
Gift Ideas for four year old girls, Magna Tiles

Idea #6, Magna Tiles

This is one of the coolest gift suggestions. Magna tiles are similar to blocks, but each edge has a magnet in them. This helps to keep the structures they build a bit more solid and allows them to build much more creative buildings. Magna tiles come in squares and triangles of various sizes. Our four year old daughter received them for her birthday, and it's easily her favorite gift. The only downside, they're quite expensive, but kids love them.

Idea #7, A Fish and Bowl

Four is a great age to learn a bit of responsibility by having their own pet. A fish is a fantastic pet for a kid. They get all the opportunity to care for the animal without having too much of a burden fall on the parents.

Betta fish are colorful and live in a standard fish bowl with a little water treatment. Consider taking the child to the pet store to pick out her fish! It's not necessary to purchase a bowl. Our betta fish live in a vase.

Idea #8, Fancy Nancy Books

Little girls love Fancy Nancy books. The books are fantastic because they are about a little girl that likes to dress fancy, fancy things and fancy words. Each time she uses a fancy word, she explains the word by saying, "That's a fancy word for ....."

These are books that are pretty short and can easily be read as a bedtime story. There are several books in the Fancy Nancy series.

Idea #9 A Locket Engraved With Her Name

Four year old girls are learning their letters and how to spell their names. A locket that is engraved with their name is something they will find sentimental, but a necklace with a charm that is the first letter of her name is likely to make her quite happy. We've had three daughters and each one has been thrilled to get a locket with the first letter of their name on it.

Idea #10, Bows, Clips, and Head Bands

Little girls are so cute and they know it. A great gift idea is to take the little girl to get her hair cut. Make an appointment and take her to the local shop just like mom. She'll feel like such a big girl. Then give her a gift of bows, head bands and clips. Get a few of each and have her open the gift right after she has her hair done.

Oh, remember to take lots of pictures!

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