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Gift Ideas for Grandmothers

Updated on March 31, 2010

Ideas for Grandmas' Christmas or Birthday Gifts

Have you wanted to find something to give your grandma that would show her how much you love her? Perhaps you can't get yourself to buy another shabby little knick-nack for her bookshelf, or another ornament for her already full tree. Some of the ideas below are material goods you could easily purchase, others are immaterial and priceless; all are gifts that I hope will trigger your ideas and manifestly express your love to your grandmother.

Give Written Affirmation

I have found that one thing that parents and elderly seem to appreciate more than anything else are written words of appreciation, affirmation, and love. As they grow older, they may live more in the realm of memories than the present, and their most precious moments are spent with the ones they have always loved and who have always loved them. Written words of love and special memories will mean much more than the trite and impersonal Hallmark cards everyone gives but no one remembers later.

How to begin? Write numbers down the left-hand side of a plain piece of paper from one to fifty. Make up your mind that you are not going to stop until you have come up something for all fifty. At every number write down a reason you appreciate your grandma, a special memory you have of her, something she taught you, something you notice about her that often makes you smile, laugh, or think. At the very least you should be able to thank her for her many years of loving parenting that went into raising your own parents, and possibly you as well. If your memory bank runs dry, open a photo album or call up a cousin or sibling who may be able to remind you of your grandmother's loving and caring nature throughout the years.

If you feel the need to spend some money in order to make this seem like a real gift, then print out your list on fine cardstock and frame it, or take your list to a print shop and ask them to spiral-bind a little book with a sentiment on each page. A few tasteful photos will make your gift even more precious.

What will you give your grandmother?
What will you give your grandmother?

Gift for Grandmother: Something Beautiful

Every woman appreciates something beautiful, no matter how old --or young-- she may be.

Beautiful scents: Yankee candles are always a favorite for their realistic floral, fresh, or baked goods scents.

Beautiful sounds: Buy her a CD or tape of restful, classical music by a favorite composer, or an album from her era.

Beautiful sights: Grandmothers love pictures of family, children, and grandchildren. Purchase a frame that matches a family photo of yours and frame it for her (offer to hang it for her too!). Potted plants or fresh wreaths and arrangements are also a way to bring beautiful things into her home.

Beautify Her: Give her a gift card for a manicure or facial at a local spa, or for a hair salon near her.

Candles make an excellent gift!
Candles make an excellent gift!

Literature and Entertainment for Grandma

Though every grandmother will have different tastes and preferences in the realm of reading and entertainment, I know a few pieces of material that my own grandmother enjoys.

Light, inspirational fiction and girlish classics: The Mitford Series by Jan Karon; The Anne of Green Gables Series by Lucy Maud Montgomery; The Girl of the Limberlost, The Harvester, and Laddie by Gene Stratton Porter; the "Miss Read" books including The Caxley Chronicles, The Village School, The Village Diary.

Magazine Subscription: Martha Stewart Living, the old-fashioned and tea-drinking Victoria, the quaint and provincial Country magazine, and the creative home-decor magazine, Cottage Living.

Movies and TV: a membership with NetFlicks may be appreciated if your grandmother enjoys a quiet evening at home with a good movie now and then, and she will like having the movie delivered right to her mailbox without having to drive to Blockbuster. Also consider giving her the complete season of a TV show she has enjoyed in the past such as "I Love Lucy," "The Andy Griffeth Show," "Little House on the Prairie," etc... Pick up clues from what she has mentioned or shown an interest in!

Handyman Hero

If your grandmother lives alone, she may appreciate a capable son or grandson's help around the house or yard. Does she need her house winterized? A plumbing job completed? Pictures hung? Electronics wired or synced? Taxes and finances balanced? Painting done?

Grandmothers also love working together with daughters and granddaughters on household projects. Could you cook together in her kitchen and leave her with soups, sauces, and baked goods in her freezer for use in the coming months when she doesn't feel like cooking? What about helping her with her scrapbooking or photo organization? Home décor or cleaning?

Your offer to help will be a double gift to her. Not only will she receive the benefit of your service, but she will get to spend time with you, and that's often what grandmothers want most of all.

© 2009 Jane Grey


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