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Gifts for golfers

Updated on April 14, 2012

Being married to a golf professional, I had to be educated on how to shop for the golfer in my life. In the early months and years of our relationship, my understanding was quite dim. I knew that he liked golf and I felt that gave me an "in road" that I could use to purchase him truly brilliant gifts. After all, what golfer doesn't appreciate golf paraphanalia?

Mine, apparently. And so he tells me, most golfers.

Getting to Know Your Golfer

Regardless of the relationship that you have with someone, the best gifts come from the heart and show the person being gifted just how well you know him or her. Golfers are no exception to this rule. Therefore it can be assumed that uness you know a great deal about their game, including which brand balls they use and what their favorite clubs are, you might want to avoid purchasing anything golf-related for your golfer.

My husband also tells me that golfers don't enjoy receiving items with golf balls or clubs on them or pictures of golfers, in general. He feels (and I agree) that a T-shirt with a picture of an elderly man hitting a golf ball is quite tacky. I once again feel the need to mention that your golfer is just like you: he or she has a unique sense of style and thinks and feels individually and not based on a "golf mob" mentality. Getting to know your golfer is essential to good gift giving!

What does your golfer like to do (other than golf)? What is his favorite food? Where is her favorite course? Does he have a favorite golfer from the past? Is she a movie buff?

You want to be able to successfully choose between golf-related items and general items. You want to know enough about your golfer that you can make a purchase for him or her without relying on a box of golf balls that might not be the right brand.

Be Creative -- Within Reason

I try to be a creative gifter. Generally speaking I try to hand-make as many of my gifts as possible depending on the individual being gifted. There are some family members, however, who don't appreciate this policy: with these people, I try to be creative and think of things that I know they will enjoy, but that other people aren't likely to think of.

Does your golfer like to read? Perhaps he or she would enjoy a copy of The Legend of Bagger Vance (look right to purchase the hardcover version). Or maybe she enjoys movies. What about a copy of Caddyshack on DVD? If your golfer is interested in the technical aspects of the game, maybe he would enjoy a book about golf theory. A history buff might enjoy a book about the history of the game of golf!

The idea here is to not purchase your golfer items related directly to his or her game. Unless you know beyond a shadow of a doubt what the golfer's preferences are, don't purchase clubs, balls or other gear. A gift certificate is always appreciated because it allows your golfer to decide exactly what to buy!

And please don't forget gift certificates for greens fees! Golf can be an expensive hobby and this can knock some of the edge off a game or two. Maybe even offering to go play a round with your favorite golfer would make a wonderful gift.

Again, the key is to know your golfer!

Please see below for more suggestions for gifts for golfers.

A Tip from Ben Hogan


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