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Great Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids | Educational and Constructive Gifts

Updated on September 26, 2012

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Mimo is a cute kid. She is only 5 now but is way too smart. On her birthday there were more than 100 gifts for her. I asked her which she liked most. She seemed a bit confused first but quickly made her mind and showed me a big box of colored pencils.

Not only Mimo I know a number of kids who are fond of drawing tools like colored pencils, drawing pencils, sketch books and tube colors.

But every little ladies and gentlemen may not like drawing tools. There are many interesting gifts which can be given to a kid on his / her birthday.

Drawing Kits

A drawing kit is a popular item as birthday gifts to kids. A drawing kit may contain various types of color pencils like pastel colors or sketch pens etc. A drawing kit is good for making a child more productive. Drawing also develops his or her psyche. You may also give a more mature drawing kit containing brushes and water color tubes.

Construction Toys

Little Timmy imagines himself an engineer. He often shows his skills on his own toys, especially electronics one. Sometimes he also ventures to modify his elder sister’s toys which often results in violent civil wars. To please Timmy I gave him a construction box for kids on his birthday. This box has many plastic made parts to build something constructive. There are small tools to please the mini engineers too.

There are many types of construction tools available in the market. Some of which are for little kids and some are for elder groups.

Famous Lego Construction Set Bricks

Lego is a very popular and famous construction set fro children.
Lego is a very popular and famous construction set fro children. | Source

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Sewing boxes

Sewing is an ancient art. Sewing can be interesting to the kids of age group 8 to 11. Especially, girls like the sewing tools. A sewing box may contain various types of needles, pins and threads. Lovely designs and how to do it instructions are also available. Usual things like scissors, thimbles and buttons etc will also be inside a complete sewing box. A beautiful looking sewing box is always a very good birthday gift for a kid.

Make a Swing Box - A Video

Magic Kits

There are magicians live in every child’s imagination. Once upon a time there was a magician who has turned some princes to a ugly toad..etc and etc.

You can make a kid pleased by giving him /her a magic kit. It will make the kid a magician. There are many magic boxes are available for cheap prices. You may choose one as a birthday gift.

It is obvious that the magic boxes are not for the children aged below 8 years. It is because they will not be able to learn the tricks of magic and will be unable to perform some.


A Magician
A Magician

Butterfly Hatching Kit

A live butterfly hatching kit for a inquisitive child! Yes, you can give this one to a kid as a birthday gift. It is an educational kit. You shall get live lady caterpillars and special food to feed them. This gift is not suitable for very small kids.

Musician Kids
Musician Kids

Musical Instruments for Kids

Do you know Cacofonix? Cacofonix is the English name of the pastoral bard of the gothic village in the famous French comic series of Asterix and Obelix. Cacofonix was famous for his dangerous music which even drove the fierce Norman invaders to jump from the hill cliffs to the sea.

Do you want to create another little Cacofonix? Then arm a kid with some musical instruments. Yes, you can give some musical instruments like half size guiters, violins and such other devices to any kid as birthday gifts.

Kids with Guitar

Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids :

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