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Happy Birthday Wishes to Son | A collection of Great Birthday Messages for Son

Updated on April 9, 2013
Wish your son a great birthday.
Wish your son a great birthday. | Source

Cool Birthday Wishes for Son

A son is something special to the parents. Wish him happy birthday with great wishes.You have seen him as a little toddler. You have seen him to be grown up. In each and every birthday you have thought of saying something to your dear boy. But the words which have formed vaguely inside you cannot be designed to be a birthday wish. So, I have come here with a lot of birthday wishes to son to fulfill your wishes.

Here is a sample happy birthday message:

My dear son has grown up to be a fine gentleman. We are saying today to you that we shall be with you in every step of your way, in your every win and joy and also in your moments of grief. You are our dearest and will be so forever. Wishing you a Happy Birthday!

Six Happy Birthday Wishes for a Son

  1. You are growing up now. But it is no matter to me how much has you grown. You are still the same little boy to me who first learned to walk by holding my finger. Happy Birthday to my boy!
  2. My son is the most charming gift which I have received from the almighty. Happy Birthday to my son who is my life!
  3. From today you are starting a new year of life. I wish for my son happiness and success on his birthday!
  4. Each birthday will bring loads of success and happiness to you. Wishing you a very happy birthday!
  5. My son you are still the little boy to me who looked out of the window of the car and was marveled at the little things. A very happy and joyous birthday to you!
  6. Today is your birthday my son, the day which is the most memorable day in our life. Many happy return of the day!
  7. This day may bring all the happiness and joy for my little boy.

Giving Birthday Cards with Messages to Son

You can buy beautiful cards which are cheap but beautiful. These birthday cards for a son are quite attractive. There are beautiful messages already superscribed on these. But you can add your own wishes messages to inside a card. Use color pens and pencils to write inside a card.

As you can see there are some great cards already displayed here. You may check these and also can buy one if you like.

7 Happy Birthday Messages for Son

  1. You are the most valuable jewel I poses. Happy birthday to you!
  2. On this special day, we pray to god that he bless you with good health and happiness in life. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, dear son!
  3. On your birthday, my son, we pray to god that he gave him sound health and a lot of joy and happiness in life!
  4. Oh! It seems only a few days when you were but a toddler. Life goes on and it shall bring happiness to you dear boy! Happy Birthday to you!
  5. You were a very loving kid and you taught us how to be great parents. Wishing you a happy new year!
  6. Watching you being grown up from a little baby to a fine Youngman was like watching a flower from bud to full bloom. We wish a very special birthday for you!
  7. Many moons ago on this very day, you arrived in our lives to give us joy and love. Happy birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Card
Happy Birthday Card

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  • You are the reason for which I can find the meaning of life. You deserve a very long and successful life. I am wishing you a very happy birthday!
  • It is a treat to see my little son has become such a fine gentleman. It is for you we can call ourselves as proud parents. Happy Birthday to you!
  • On a special day like this I have the opportunity to say you how good and obedient son you are and how much joy and happiness you gave to us. Enjoy the day to the brim!
  • My son is the light of my life which reminds me about my duties and responsibilities. On your birthday, young man, I wish that you shall make me and mom proud in the near future.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Little Son

If your son is a Kid- say ages between 5 to 12 then you may be now wondering about what to give as a gift to him. I shall advice you to give something which will be beneficial for the process of his growing up. Instead of giving a gun and gore rich video game give him a good construction set or some musical instruments. You may learn more from below:

Great Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids | Educational and Constructive Gifts

A Little Kid's birthday
A Little Kid's birthday | Source

2nd Birthday Wishes for Son

If your son is just a little baby then you can find brilliant wishes, messages idea from the hub below. There are specialized wishes for a toddler.

2nd Birthday Wishes

Share Your Birthday Messages

Here are some birthday messages for a son. If you have some brilliant messages ideas then feel free to share these with everyone. Please don't copy pest from others. Just write whatever you can.


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