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Gift Ideas for Her

Updated on May 30, 2017

Great Gift Ideas for Her

What do you get for the woman who has everything? Or the mother who says, “all I need is love?” It seems the longer we know someone, the harder it seems to buy them gifts, because our gift giving seems to lack creativity and imagination from year to year. If you’re stuck in that rut, perhaps some of these ideas will give you a fresh perspective on gift giving for your special someone.

Speedo Aquabeat 1GB MP3 Player

Does the lady on your list like to keep fit? Does she spend time swimming laps, but complain about how boring it gets? Has she ever wished that she could take her iPod in the pool with her and listen to her favorite play lists? Then she’s the ideal candidate for Speedo’s Aquabeat MP3 Player! This player can be submersed up to 3 meters, so it’s perfect for the lap swimming workouts. You can store up to 250 MP3 files or 500 WMA files. Her time in the pool will fly and she'll definitely thank you for this unique gift!

A Day at the Spa

Does the lady on your list enjoy being pampered? I'm sure she certainly deserves it! Today's women are not only wives and mothers in many cases, but full time employees, volunteers and athletes as well. At the end of a long day or work week, she could use a little "me" time, and what better way to carve out that time than by relaxing at the spa of her choice? Whether she enjoys relaxing massages, manicures, pedicures or other body treatments, this is one gift that she's sure to love. The only danger is that she might get hooked! Many spas have gift certificates that can be downloaded and printed out right at home. What could be easier?

Mother's Ring

You can design these yourself and include one birthstone representing each of your precious children. It's a gift that any mother is sure to love and that makes not only a wonderful keepsake, but also becomes a family heirloom. Let the kids help design this one and it will increase exponentially in sentimental value.

Personalized Photo Books

I received one of these books from my daughter last year for Mother's Day and it made me cry, which was exactly the effect she was going for! The book was created using our family photos, in a lay out that she designed, using her own words for captions and headers. She completed the project using iPhoto software. It was magnificent. She did it online and ordered the finish product through It is probably the best gift I've ever received. The ladies on your list would be sure to love it as well. Books can be tailor-made as remembrances of vacations, family homes, friendships or whatever it is you choose to celebrate.


I'm not talking about going to school to bone up on her math skills or anything like that. I'm talking about classes that she's always wanted to take. Maybe they are guitar lessons; or perhaps she wants to learn to speak Spanish or make jewelry. Maybe it's that spinning class at her gym that she keeps meaning to sign up for, or gourmet cooking classes. What about a ballroom dance class for two? You can make these fun by signing up for mother/ daughter classes, couples' classes or classes for her and her best friend. Just be sure that the class you choose is something that you know she's been anxious to try.

Personalized Stepping Stones

Personalized stepping stones make great accents for your garden or for inlays to a newly poured front stoop or driveway. The great thing about them is that you can decorate them anyway you like. Having imprints of the kids' hands or feet is a classic design that mom's and grandmother's love. You can get creative using a variety of colors and accents in your stones and perhaps creating mosaic patterns. Have fun with them. They're your own unique creation. 

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