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Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Updated on December 26, 2016

It's never too early to start thinking about your holiday gift list. This includes those tricky stocking-stuffer ideas for everyone in your family.

The tradition of St. Nikolaos actually began in Greece between the year 270 and December 6, 346 when Nikolaos of Myra became known for leaving gifts in secret, including placing coins in shoes that were left out for him. St. Nick's celebration is recognized in most western countries on or near December 6 with a few variations on how the evening is recognized. It was St. Nikolaos that inspired the notion of the traditional Santa Claus that is recognized in many countries today.

In the United States, many family traditions include hanging stockings from the mantle into which St. Nick is said to leave small treasures including a variety of gifts, money, candies or fruits.

As with other celebratory gift giving holidays, it can become challenging to find new and unique gift ideas. In order to help inspire you this season, I have compiled a list of items that will fit easily into any stocking on your mantle. Have a wonderful holiday season!

Personalized Rubik's Cube

This fun, if frustratingly challenging game takes on a unique flare with your own family photos. It will be sure to delight anyone on your holiday gift list. You can order yours from through the link below.

Wine Stoppers

Dazzling wine stoppers can be found at any number of import stores or wine sellers. If you are trying to create a wine theme, you might also include a bottle of wine, a set of wine charms and decorative coasters. I have always enjoyed the selections at Pier I Imports.

Henna Tattoo Kit

Henna tattoo kits are great fun and make a creative, unique brand of gift. There are kits for adults and kids. Henna is non-toxic and typically washes off within 2 -5 days. The designs are intricate and beautiful. Henna was used to celebrate special events such as marriages, births, circumcisions, animal sacrifices and others. It is still frequently used ceremoniously in countries such as Morocco and India, among several others.


Incense hails from a variety of countries, each with its own unique aroma and style. It is typically used in ceremonial rituals, aromatherapy, and meditation. It is generally made from aromatic plants infused with essential oils.


These are the perfect, diminutive gifts for the avid reader on your list. You can find lovely ones at Barnes and Noble Booksellers and most others as well. There are also plenty of lovely ones to be found for order on the internet.

Decorative or Moleskin Journals

These can be found in large or small sizes, the latter of which will fit easily into your stockings. They can be found at any number of places including most retail booksellers and discount and other retail stores. They are perfect for the journalist or sketch artist on your list.

Holiday Socks

Decorative holiday socks are a great stocking stuffer idea. They are sure to fit into any stocking and come in a variety of colors, textures, and designs that will appeal to the fun-loving, quirky folks on your list. Best of all, they are completely affordable and can be found at any number of retailers including department stores, indie shops and discount chains.

Theater, Sporting Event or Concert Tickets

Love live theater, sporting events or music? Tickets to a favorite act or team game are sure to earn you extra points with your loved ones. Don't get caught paying extra for online fees if you can help it. Ordering straight through the box office, when possible is the better way to go. Be sure to order early to get the best choice of seats.

Lottery Tickets

What would you do if you won the lottery? Whether it be the Powerball jackpot or $25.00 on a scratch off ticket, it is fun to speculate. Buying anything from a new CD to your own ocean front mansion would do a lot to lift your spirits. Sticking a few lottery tickets into each stocking is a great way to share the fantasy and generate hope for the holidays.

i-Tunes Gift Cards

These little beauties come in a variety of denominations and are easy to use. Give your loved ones the ability to purchase the music or other product of their choosing by allowing them to visit the iTunes music store. Products include songs, entire CDs, movie DVDs, TV shows, and more. These cards can be found at a number of retailers at the checkout counters as well as online at the i-Tunes music store.

Holiday Ornaments

Giving holiday ornaments each year is a great way to help family members start and grow their own individual collections. They make great gifts because they can be personalized and passed on from generation to generation.

Golf Balls and Tees

For the golf enthusiast on your list, these make great stocking stuffers. The only downside is having to wait until spring to use them!

Tin Candles

Candles are great stocking stuffers. They are affordable, smell great, and help create a romantic atmosphere at any time of the year. They also come in great festive aromas that are sure to delight your senses. Best of all, because these come in small tins, you can drop them in your purse and take them with you to hotels, the office or anywhere that you want to infuse with your favorite scents. 

Gourmet Chocolates

Many communities have their favorite chocolatiers. But if yours does not, don't despair. Gourmet chocolates can often be found in high-end department stores and even booksellers. If you still can't find just the right place, look online. Chocolates are the perfect gift for anyone on your list, just be sure you don't polish them off before you get them into the stockings!

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