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Halloween Bats – Finding The Best Halloween Bat Decorations

Updated on September 13, 2011
Scary Halloween bat decoration
Scary Halloween bat decoration

Halloween Bats

If you are looking to get your Halloween decorations in order, you have to consider adding a bat or two to your collection.

These furry little animals are synonymous with Halloween and you can find a wide range of bats to add to your home for the Halloween season and for your fancy dress party décor.

Here are a few examples that you can find online. Check them out and with one click you could have your halloween decoraton delivered to your home in no time at all.

22 Inch - Deluxe Creepy Hanging Skull Bat

This giant hanging skeleton bat is the perfect Halloween decoration to scare the living daylights out of your guests during the festive season. It is 22 inches tall and has a wing span that is an impressive 40 inches wide.

The bat is made of a hard and robust foam which is covered with cloth and has ruby red eyes that will follow you around wherever you go.

It is sturdy but lightweight enough so you can hang it up with ease indoors or outside.

Halloween vinyl bats
Halloween vinyl bats

Bag of Bats 15 Restickable Vinyl Bat Decoration Cutouts

You can create a scary collection of bats crawling up your wall if you purchase this selection of bat images.  This packet consists of 4 sheets of clear restickable vinyl that has bats of different shapes ands sizes printed on them. 

You simply peel the backing off and place them on whatever surface you like to get the shocking effect.  It will not take you long at all to stick the bat images around your home, up the walls or on your doors. 

You can either peel and stick the complete sheet in position or you can cut out the bats and place them individually.  It is up to you. If you buy a couple of packets you will be able to create a really good design for Halloween lovers.

These are just some of the suggestions that you can use to jazz up your holiday decorations for Halloween.  Add a few pumpkins, some skeletons and a witch and you will the full Halloween effect.

Halloween bat moulds for candy
Halloween bat moulds for candy

Bat Lolly Halloween Candy Mold Chocolate

If you like to create your own candy for your children or it you are looking for a cookery activity that you can share with your little one, Halloween bat lolly chocolate moulds will add a little festive fun to candy making. 

Each mould enables you to make two bat shaped lollies at a time.

The mould are so robust that you instead of using chocolate you can create your own bat shaped soaps or make a plaster cast mould that can be painted or glazed and used as an ornament.


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