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Finding The Best Spider Decorations For Your Halloween Party

Updated on March 14, 2011
Halloween spider decorations
Halloween spider decorations

Halloween Spiders

If you are looking for the perfect Halloween decorations you have to have the perfect Halloween spiders for that really scary effect.

Spider decorations are available in all sizes and colours as well as a range of materials.

Here are a few that you could consider incorporating into your festive design. A good place to start shopping if you are looking for ease is to look online.  Compare and contrast prices and you could find your complete halloween decorations could be with you in no time at all.

Bag of Spiders 16 Restickable Vinyl Spider Halloween Decoration Cutouts

This is a packet that consists of 4 sheets of transparent restickable and reusable vinyl that have spider designs drawn on the sheets in differing sizes. They are drawn in 3 dimensionally so they look scarily real. 

All you need to do is to either peel off the backing and stick the whole sheet against your wall, your doors or along your banister. 

Alternatively you can cut out the individual spiders and place them in different locations around your room to create your own style. Where ever you use them, they will definitely look frightening.

Furry spider decorations
Furry spider decorations

20" Posable Hairy Spider

If you are looking for a spider decoration that will take pride of place on your table, why not choose this faux fur spider.

It is 20 inches long and has movable legs so you can set it in whatever pose you wish.

The basic colour of each spider is the traditional and classic black with an accent colour that is dotted on the legs and the centre of each body.

The colour accents that are available are neon green, orange, purple or pink. You can buy one spider or go for the complete set.

spider web window decorations
spider web window decorations

Spider Web Window Accents 3 Piece 14", 9" and 7.5

This is the perfect window dressing for Halloween. This consists of packet of 3 vinyl black and white spider webs.

They are of different sizes so you can either place them together as a collective collage or place them on different windows in the corner just like a normal spiders web would appear.

These spider decorations are durable and washable so you can use them over and over again.

Giant plastic spider decoration
Giant plastic spider decoration

20 Foot Plastic Giant Hanging Halloween Friendly Black Spider

If you are looking for an extra large spider decoration for your living room, a youth centre or a clubhouse, this is the perfect solution. This is a 20 foot giant spider that will look absolutely terrifying as it hangs above everyone’s heads.

It is made from lightweight black plastic so it is very easy to hang. The good thing about this spider is that the legs are adjustable so you can make it fit any size room.

This will definitely add some spice to your Halloween decorations.

Find just what you need online from Amazon


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