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Halloween Costumes for Men

Updated on September 20, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises


Halloween Costumes for Men

Halloween is right around the corner and it is time to organize your costume. Personally I would think for men dressing as the Character Bane from The Dark Knight Rises would be the most interesting costume of the season. But that is only my opinion and there is no youtube video on how to dress as Bane.

I also believe you could dress as any of the characters from True Blood for a very reasonable price. But again that is also not on youtube.

For you guys I have four suggestions and I have included the instructional videos on Make-up some are very detailed and come are not. But this will at least provide you with food for thought.

Along the lines of True Blood, if you have blonde hair slick it back dressing in black, use the vampire make up video and you are Eric Nor thrum. If you have Dark hair part it in the middle, use the make up video and dress as Bill Compton.

The Zombie video is if you wish to be Terry and Arlen in the last episode of this season.

The witch doctor video while not a perfect match to Jesus/ Lafayette witch doctor it is a starting place.

Along the lines of The Dark Knight Rises I fear there are no tutorials on how to make yourself up like Bane but I do have a hub with Bane’s picture and your could give it a try. I have also included the make up tutorial on The Joker because he is always a good character for Halloween.

I hope this hub has provided you with some ideas and I hope you have a very happy Halloween.

Vampire Make Up

Zombie Make Up

Witch Doctor Make Up

Dark Knight Make Up

True Blood

I am including a link to True Blood. Click on that link and then at the bottom of that article is all the other links to check out the rest of the links ot give you more ides for Halloween.

The Dark Knight Rises

And here is the link to The Dark Knight Rises in which Bane's picture is inlcuded so you can get inspiration from that trailer.


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