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Halloween Costumes for Sale

Updated on September 29, 2012

Is it too soon to plan?

My daughter saw the store front Halloween USA. setting up at a local shopping center last week. She loves Halloween and all the candy she gets trick or treating. Last year we went as soon as they opened and she tried on a bunch of costumes. It seems a majority of the costumes they make border,"Hooker." I do not want my teen dressed like a hooker!" The maid costumes look too sexy for my daughter. LOL. What happened to the friendly, cute costumes? It seems if you under age 10, everything has some fairy or princess like look. But for those girls ages 11-15, who are taller for their age are stuck wearing costumes that are, in my opinion too ADULT.

My only suggestions is to read scout the store out, take some phone pics and show her what she can't wear. If you daughter is in middle school like mine, chances are they are gonna want to go with their friends. I know my daughter will not want me tagging along. You can also check Amazon now to see what costumes are out there. I like their prices. It is more affordable for some costumes.

The other thing is cost. The average price was $29.99 last year. This does not include any shoes, wigs and other accessories. The costumes are sewn together so cheaply. If you are lucky you will get to pass it on to another sibling. I have a rubber-tote of past costumes. When it comes to wigs and accessories, sometimes you can mix and match. I have asked my daughter to make her costume because it is more creative to do so with found objects, or go to Good Will, so that the costume doesn't break the bank. In the past, I have sewn their costumes and have spent the same amount on fabric. One has to weigh out the cost of fabric and the time it takes to sew. In my opinion, fabric costs have risen so much, it isn't worth sewing. I like my free time. It is cheaper to buy. The one main difference is you will not have the sewn details and the quality of fabric that make the garment unique.

Last year i took my daughter when it first opened. She picked a costume she swore she loved.Then 5 weeks later she walked into the costume store again and found another costume she liked better. We were NOT allowed to return the first costume. It was a final sale. BUYER BEWARE! BUMMER! This year I told her, I would not go with her to look this early. I was quick to remind her of last year's incidence.

My advice:

Wait til, your daughter's friends have their ideas together. Let her taker phone pics to show you what they have selected. Then suggest they pick a day where they can purchase it the same time. This will save time and money. No one will feel like their costume isn't cool. More importantly, she gets peer approval and the girls have a fun time doing it together.

Lastly, I am going to suggest my daughter use her baby-sitting earnings to buy her extras. Chances are when it comes to spending her own money she will think twice! Now, All I have to do is buy the candy. Have you all noticed the candy bags have shunk and the serving size bites are like morsels for the same price?

Trash to treasure costuming from your basement or closet

1. Corrugated boxes can be cut and painted to be cool cellphone(flip phone)

2. Go as a painter, splash paint over some old overalls from Good Will, get a bucket and brush. Face paint yourself.

3. Wear your parents leather(biker) jacket, toussle hair, plaid shirt, sunglasses converse and be a a rocker. Make the guitar from old card board box of foam-core

4. Punk is in fashion now, spike your hair and wear skinny jeans and leather jacket

5. Dress 70's and wear bell-bottom jeans, wide belt, tye-dye shirt

6. Tease your hair into a bouffant, wear thick fake lashes, red lipstick, sirt dress with leggings and boots


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    • alphagirl profile image

      alphagirl 6 years ago from USA

      Jlava73 thanks for stipping by!

    • Jlava73 profile image

      Jennifer Vasconcelos 6 years ago from Cyberspace and My Own World

      Great tips!