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Hauntingly Beautiful Skeleton Costumes

Updated on February 19, 2016
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Jaynie has extensive experience with party and event planning, having planned events for groups between 20 and 600 people.


Dia de los Muertos Inspired Costumes

Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a holiday created to remember and honor deceased friends and family members. It is primarily celebrated in Mexico on October 31, November 1 and November 2. Those who recognize this tradition often build ofrendas, or private altars and create elaborates sugar skulls to honor their departed loved ones. Celebrations include preparation of their loved ones' favorite foods and beverages and presenting them to the deceased at the graves.

Many of world's most stunning Halloween costumes are inspired by this rich tradition, however they can only be done justice by the skilled patience of true make-up artists. The best costumes include not only elaborate make-up, but colorful wigs, floral accents and stunning gowns.

Left at the Altar

The oversized flowers and soft hairstyle framing the face make this look like a bride that lost her life before she became a wife. The teal color could easily be replaced by your favorite color. Maybe even the color you chose for your own wedding. Let's just hope you have better luck than this unfortunate bride!


Killing Them Softly

The wispy, soft lavender and jasmine hues in this costume take the edge off the drastic indigo and black colors that are so deep they seem as if they may never come off. The result is stunning and dramatic.


Dearly Departed

The black nose on this gorgeous face calls to mind the dearly departed family pet. While still very human, it is somehow simultaneously reminiscent of the wet, loving muzzle of the family dog.


Passion Flower

Ruby reds, flaming oranges and other classic burnt colors of fall crash into one another creating a vibrant, vivid effect, as if the dead might come back to life at any moment and take the living world by storm.

Rapture in Blue

Pick up the snowflake accents at your local craft store after the Christmas holiday for a great price. Silver and gray, flowing fabrics and gray powdered wig complete this ghost-like costume. Soft as a whisper, this haunting costume still speaks volumes.

Creating a Beautiful, Painted Skeleton

If you'd like to learn how to transform yourself into a beautiful, haunted skeleton this Halloween, you might start with this tutorial, courtesy of youtube.

How To Create a Painted Skeleton Face


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