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Heart Shaped Gift Ideas - Gifts That Say I Love You

Updated on April 25, 2012

Heart Shaped Gifts

Looking for a great gift for the one you love? Why not buy something heart shaped? There are loads of heart shaped gifts to choose from, for any budget and for any kind of person. From beauty gifts to homewares, jewelry to cooking equipment, there is something for everyone. Nothing says romance like the heart shape does, so why not show your romantic side and give a heart shaped gift to someone for their celebration.

As the heart shape is the symbol of love, giving a heart shaped gift item is ideal for a romantic occasion. Whether big or small, expensive or inexpensive, a heart shaped gift is a token that will be appreciated greatly.

Scroll down for some great hearts shaped gift ideas!

Heart Shaped Jewelry

What could be more romantic than giving a heart shaped piece of jewelry to the one you love? Not much in my opinion. You don't need to spend a fortune to get a lovely piece of heart shaped jewelry, there are prices to suit everyone's budget.

Same with styles, there are many alternatives when buying heart shaped jewelry. There's something for every taste. If you want a gift with the wow factor, then heart shaped jewelry has to be a great gift route to go down. I'm sure you will be rewarded accordingly!

Heart Shaped Jewelry Boxes

A jewelry box makes for a great gift. Most of us girls have at least a few items of jewelry, and what better way to keep them together than in a real girly heart shaped jewelry box.

These look lovely on dressing tables, on bedside tables or in the bathroom. They don't even need to be used for jewelry. Maybe there are little keepsakes that could use a home, these heart shaped jewelry boxes would be a perfect place to keep them.

Heart Shaped Gifts For Those Who Love To Cook

Us girls love anything heart shaped and for keen cooks, especially if it belongs in the kitchen!

If your loved one loves to cook, then why not invest in some heart shaped items for them to use?

These gifts will no doubt remind the recipient of you everytime they use them. Hey, you may even get some delicious food made for you!

Heart Shaped Photo Frames

Photo frames make a great gift, especially if you have picked out a photo (or in the case of digital frames, several photos) and placed it inside for when the gift is opened.

It shows that you have put a lot of thought and effort into it. Photo frames are lovely to have around the house as a constant reminder of the people we love.

Heart Shaped Beauty Gifts

If you know that your loved one likes to be pampered, then a beauty gift is a great idea. It need not be expensive, but it must look and smell lovely!

Heart shaped beauty gifts are an ideal way of showing you care.

Other Heart Shaped Gifts

Most, if not all women will love a heart shaped gift, It is the symbol of love after all. A heart shaped gift says a lot when presented to someone.


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