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Heart Vase - Romantic Gift Idea

Updated on April 25, 2012

A Heart Vase Makes A Great Romantic Gift

Here's a romantic selection of heart vase styles to choose from. A heart vase makes a wonderful gift for any occasion, but especially if a little romance is involved. Not limited to just displaying flowers, you can easily display a heart vase in a contemporary way by filling with decorative stones, sand or foliage.

A heart vase is a great romantic gift idea that suits all budgets. There's various styles to choose from, you can opt for a classic clear glass heart vase to a more contemporary metallic pink, with lots of other styles in between.

See below for the gorgeous selection of heart vase styles to choose from. This is a romantic gift idea that is sure to be a winner.

Heart Vase Styles

As you can see to the right, there's a heart vase to suit all budgets and tastes. Starting below $10 makes this a romantic gift idea that's accessible to anyone looking for a statement gift for a special occasion.

There's no getting away from the fact that heart shaped gifts of any kind are romantic, and definitely a great way to express how you feel. A heart vase is a brilliant gift that can be lovingly displayed in the home for a lifetime.

Whatever your budget, the gift of a heart vase is a really gorgeous sentiment that is romantic and heartfelt. There's lots of different styles to choose from, so getting yourself a really impressive romantic gift that's something a little out of the ordinary is easy.

A heart vase is a loving gift perfect for valentines day, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas. Any occasion that you want to give a gift from the heart.

There's lots of different designs to choose from, all equally romantic. If the person you are buying for enjoys displaying cut flowers, either fresh or artificial, any of these heart vase designs would fit the job perfectly.

Alternatively, if the recipient would more likely use the heart vase as a contemporary display piece, the clear and colored glass options may be better suited.

Decorative stones, sand or other natural items such as shells look fantastic in these kinds of vases. It's really easy to create a great alternative display using a heart vase.

This is a great romantic gift idea for anyone who loves to have beautiful things around the home.

Heart vases are also associated with wedding ceremonies. These days, a growing number of couples are choosing to have a sand ceremony during their service. This sees an heart vase being filled with sand by the couple.

This symbolises the joining of the relationship and the unity of the pair. It's a romantic touch that adds a lot to a service. See below for a selection of heart vases for sand ceremonies.


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