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History of Eid al Adha and How Muslims celebrate Eid Ul Adha

Updated on June 20, 2012

Muslim Holiest Days

For Muslims, there are two great days that are celebrated. They are Eid Ul Fitr and Eid Dul Adha. Of course, those two days are the important and holy days which mean a lot for all Muslims. Of course, there is the story which we can get from the great days. Of course, Muslims need to know about that. However, of course, people who are not Muslims can still enjoy the story behind the celebration, for example the history of the Eid Ul Adha. It is the great time when the Muslims have a great essence of the life. The words of Eid Ul Adha means get back to the great spirit of sacrificing. Of course, it is different from the means of Eid Ul Fitr which means get back to the clean and holy. It is associated to the Ramadan Prayers and the people are purify by doing the prayers including the Ramadan fasting, while in Eid Ul Adha, it is more about the awareness of the history of the servitude to Alloh Swt., which is achieved by the prophet of Ibrahim and Ismail. This Muslim celebration could not be separated to the history which was experienced by the prophets of Ismail and Ibrahim.

In Eid Ul Adha celebration, the cow was slaughtered as Qurban .
In Eid Ul Adha celebration, the cow was slaughtered as Qurban .
Eid Ul Adha qurbani
Eid Ul Adha qurbani
Idul Adha
Idul Adha

Ibrahim and Ismail Story

It starts from Ibrahim who is really honest in doing the command of Alloh Swt. He slaughtered the tremendous numbers of sheep, cattle, and camels. A lot of people and also angels are amazed about the Qurban or the sacrifices. In addition, Ibrahim who still has no kids said that if Alloh gives him a son, he will feel willing to give Alloh the son as Qurban. He has dreamt having a son for a long time until someday Sarah, his wife let Ibrahim to marry Hajar. After a long prayer, he got a son named Ismail. In the age of seven (but some are found eighteen years old), Ibrahim got dreams which command him to sacrifice his son as he was said in his promise before he has got a son. The dreams come in numbers of time. After finding the answer by prayers and discussion to his wife, they are ready to sacrifice Ismail as a Qurban because of it is Alloh’s will. Hajar and Ibrahim are sincere in doing the command, so do Ismail. However, Alloh replaces Ismail to a sheep. Thus, Ibrahim did not slaughtering Ismail yet but the sheep. It is the great of Alloh who replaces Ismail to a sheep. Alloh has seen the great faith of Ismail and Ibrahim to have a Qurban from what is valuable in their life only in the name of Alloh. That is why in the Eid Ul Adha is related to the Qurban of sheep, cattle, camels, and others. Muslims who are able to do that are slaughtering them and they are given to others so that all people can enjoy the delicious meat.

Muslims do that in the name of Alloh and to share what they have to others so that others can also feel what they feel. From the history of Ibrahim and Ismail, it can be seen that faith is really great even though they have to sacrifice what they have in this world because everything that we have is God’s, not ours. That is the reason why Muslims do the Qurban. It is a kind of action to express the faith which also to express the care and kinship with fellows and families. It is not only about eating the delicious foods but also helps other who are unable eating meat in their daily life caused by their inability to buy meat, but in this day of Eid Ul Adha all of them supposed to be enjoying delicious meat. It is the spirit of sharing to others.


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    • tipstrix profile image

      MooN 5 years ago from Pakistan

      I also create a hub on the Eid ul Adha today but this hub is nice on. JazakALLAH. Eid Mubarik to all.

    • Qurbani profile image

      Qurbani 5 years ago

      Qurbani is the grate Festival in Islam

      one thing i would like to add here Qurbani is “Waajib” essential or necessary for every single Muslim male and Muslim female who has accomplished adolescence or is of sound mind includes “Nisaab” (is the value of excess wealth which makes a Muslim responsible for Zakaah) for that time. The ownership of or equal capital value of gold “+ -3 ounces” and in the case of silver its “+ - 20 ounces” To make sacrifice in the Name of Allah

    • profile image 5 years ago

      Qurbani is that it is a display of entire syndication to Allah and a evidence of comprehensive follow to Allah’s will or order. When a Muslim offers a ‘Qurbani this is accurately what he wants to prove. Thus, the ‘Qurbani offered signifies that he is a slave of Allah at his best. And that he would not wait even for a time once he receives an complete order from his Creator to give up before it, to respect it voluntarily, even if it be at the price of his life and belongings.